We have to go to view the drain (Ghaggar) right now

We have to go to view the drain (Ghaggar) right now

Experiences of the Devotees
Infinite Grace of Revered Saint Dr. MSG (Hazoor Pita Ji)
The devotee Sampoorna Singh Insan advocate, son of Late Pritam Singh ji village Amarpura Rathan Tehsil Pilibanga District Hanumangarh(Rajasthan) tells us about something that happened with him, seen with his own eyes, one unique miracle of His Holiness Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

The infinite benevolence of His Holiness, Spiritual Master is described this way:-
In the year 1964, in the river Ghaggar ,due to more water coming from behind, our village drowned in the floods, fully. So we made houses about three kilometers away from our village at a high place and started living there. Afterwards, in the year 1972, the government constructed a very big dam on the canal near our village, which prevented the Ghaggar river water from entering our village.

So in 1987 we returned to our village, re-constructed our houses destroyed by the flood and started living there.
It was the will of God, that the year 1988 the water of Ghaggar river entering our village and water logged in our village upto a few feet.
The whole village was deserted.

The people of the village took all their belongings and went to the safer places. We also took our lugguage and went to the high place where we had gone earlier and started living there.
All the villagers of our village used to put soil on the dam made on the river day and night and used to find the water which would get over the new level of soil.

The level of water was increasing in the river Ghaggar and the news of it was reaching not only in the whole of area but also in the whole of Rajasthan. In other words, our whole of the village was covered by the range of water of the Ghaggar river since the dam which we had raised even higher by putting the soil and if the same water comes with a very fast flow and then the water stopped by the dam would come with what flow, you may imagine on your own that if the water stopped behind the dam is allowed to flow from many feet higher dam, suddenly then how fast would be the speed of water, it will take everything along with its flow. If the Angel of God had not come that night then our existence would have been obliterated. He is the true Angel of God. Reverd Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Himself. Yes,you are right.

This is an incident of the time when the Revered Guru Ji had not come on the royal seat of Dera Sacha Sauda. The Revered Guru Ji came on the royal seat in the year 1990 but the above incident is of the year 1988.
The Revered Spiritual Master came to meet us the same night and He did some miracle that the water started receding from that night itself.

The above incident happened like this. As it is known to everyone that the Revered Guru Ji is a resident of the village Shri Gursar Modia,tehsil Suratgarh district Shri Ganganagar. My father’s sister and one of my sister also lives in Shri Gurusar Modia. Two of my nephews Pragat Singh and Jasveer Singh had come from their village to help us(after listening to the news of danger of flood of the Ghaggar river as our village had been deserted or the villagers were made to leave the village, this they knew with the help of news).

They had come to help us and that day more water was released into the river Ghaggar from the dam upstream which increased the chances of destruction of the dam that it could get us destroyed anytime. We kept on putting more and more soil but the level of water was increasing continuously.

Although we were fully alert and we kept ourselves busy with whatever we could do to the possible extent ie. we were trying our level best and wanted the dam to be saved from destruction, somehow. If the dam gets destroyed then there will be holocaust and nothing will be left, neither the material, nor anything else.
The water of the Ghaggar river will take away everything with it and we will be left watching only. The news of increasing of the water level was reaching everywhere at regular intervals (through the special bulletin of the news).

The increase in level of water was happening not only in our village but also in the whole of area with the danger of floods looming large. It is worth describing that in the need of hour, for the people of Shri Gursar Modia, son of the Revered Bapu Magghar Singh’s dear son was the only ray of hope. At that time, there was no hospital, not even a doctor in the village. When some old person, some child got illness or there was some problem in the delivery of a lady then all of them would run to the house of the revered Bapu Ji for help.

At that time Revered Hazoor Pita Ji had a jeep in His possession. Whether it was day or night or any other time in the night, the Revered Guru Ji with His noble and merciful behavior did not say no to anybody, not even ever said that it is 1:30 am and that We will go in the morning. If the condition is serious then he would take out His jeep and take the patient to the place of treatment.
Whereas my sister was concerned, she was also worried about her sons as to what will happen if the dam gets destroyed.

That day even she was worried as she had come to know that it was difficult to pass the night, she went running to the house of revered Bapu Ji and requested the Revered Guru Ji that You have to go to her mother’s place at Amarpura Rathan and she told him the whole situation and that her two sons Pragat Singh and Jasbir Singh were also present there and that there was no surety of dam as it could get destroyed anytime.
At that time, it was 9:00pm in the night. The Revered Guru Ji would call my sister as Taiji as per the custom and said that We would start in a few moments.

After saying that the Revered Guru Ji started His jeep and took my sister to our village Amarpura Rathan.
At that time it was 12:00pm in the night. The whole situation was dreadful, All of us were very scared, seeing that the Spiritual Master said that We have to go to see the level of water at the place where the dam has been constructed. At this , the elder people of the house said that now it is very late in the night.

It is darkness outside and that there is water logging all around, you may go there in the morning. But the Revered Guru Ji said that He will go at that instant. The family members advised again and again not to go there as it was late in the night.

The Revered Spiritual Master knew that if He did not go to curb the advance of the river Ghaggar then what to say, there could be holocaust and the Revered Spiritual Master had come to save us. Despite being stopped a million times, the Revered Guru Ji at that instant left for the drain (Ghaggar) without any delay.

It was a worth believing miracle of the mercy of the Spiritual Master(We will call it a miracle as there could not be a bigger miracle than this for us) all the villagers have seen it through their own eyes that the moment He reached there, we do not know what did He tell the river that the water level started receding in the river then and there, and we came to know that in the news and we also saw that the water had started receding in the river.

With the benevolent vision of the Spiritual Master, the danger of the destruction of the dam had passed over,completely. The Revered Spiritual Master has described this incident twice in His discourses from His sacred mouth that We went to the drain and washed Our hands and mouth and after half an hour we saw that the water had started receding.

It is worth describing that this incident is two years prior to seating on the royal seat of Dera Sacha Sauda . The saint of Shri Gursar Modia Shri Triveni Das Ji had clarified to the Revered Bapu Ji on the very first day of the incarnation of the Revered Guru Ji that He was not an ordinary child. Bapu Ji , at your house, God Himself, the Divine Light has come and such small and big miracles would have been shown by the Revered Guru Ji in His childhood and from childhood to acquiring the royal throne many a time.

The Saints and the Spiritual Masters do not reveal themselves openly and nor do they say that this is what we have done because this is the rule of God but whoever is given the inner eyes by God, identifies and understands the divine way of God. Because God is God and the human being is human being.

Many a times, the human being cannot digest the extreme happiness. My Spiritual Master this is the prayer that we should keep on getting Your blessings , that we should ever sing your benevolences and thus remain loyal till our last breath.

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