Watching TV for Long Hours May be harmful - Sachi Shiksha

The Life of new generation without TV is beyond imagination. Today TV is present in every room of every house. Many children do not even eat food without TV.

Spending hours before the TV is an ordinary matter for children and the elder people. But do we know the negative impact of watching TV for long hours? We must know such negative impacts that long hours of TV watching may have on our body and health.

The Distance is Becoming Wider in the Family

We are so much involved in the TV that we do not even care for the people around us. We cannot spare time for our family and friends. Some people try to map up their real life with reel life character. It results in conflicts and also distances arise in relations within family and friends.

Victim of Aggressive Behavior

The children watch such TV shows and films that are full of violence. From such shows, they learn beating each other, fighting and bad talking. Due to this, the child starts becoming aggressive and other rude or violence-prone behavior related problems arise. Parents should watch good shows of TV with the children and they should know what their children are watching in their absence.

Eye Stress Increases

Continuous TV watching increases eye stress especially watching TV in a dark room where there is scarcity of light. Constant watching TV for a long time leaves bad effect on the eyes; eye problem arises and the children start wearing spectacles from the very early childhood.

Incomplete Sleep

The TV disrupts our body clock. Due to the rays from TV, there is less release of melatonin hormone in the brain. Due to this, we always feel tiredness and there is lack of concentration.

Danger of Heart Disease

Excess TV watching results in reduced body activity and thus there is a possibility of danger of so many diseases. Due to this, in addition to heart diseases, there is possibility of cancer also. It is not good to sit for a long time at one place. Body movement is necessary.

Danger of Obesity

It is generally observed that while watching TV, we have no control over our eating. Then on feeling hungry we take such things which are not good for our health. With the result we invite diseases like obesity. More to that we do not know how much we have eaten. We keep on eating out of fun till the thing is not finished.

Danger of Diabetes Increases

According to the research, 14% of the risk of diabetes increases if one watches TV regularly for more than two hours. While watching TV we do not care about our eating, due to which we become lazy, forget our active life and thus sit hours together watching TV. Inactive life-style blesses us with diseases like diabetes and throughout our life we cannot come out of these diseases.

Lack of Concentration

Excess TV watching can affect the mental development of the children. The constant change in the pictures, in addition to the voice of the TV can affect the neurological system of the children. Due to this children may have the problem of concentration.



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