Personal interview with his holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan on 15th March, 2015.

Personal interview with his holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan on 15th March, 2015.

The next movie MSG-2 has scenes related to romance but there is nothing indecent.
-Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Guruji is busy with the shooting activities for his second movie ” MSG-2” after the enormous success of the first movie “MSG-The Messenger” which is motivating youth in the right directions. The movie has touched the figure of 1570 millions, in earnings. Guruji is gracefully involved in the shooting site organized in a field at Shah Satnam Ji Dham,Sirsa. The media representatives related to ‘Sach Kahoon’ and ‘Sachi Shiksha’ availed of the decent opportunity on Sunday, 15th March, 2015 to have direct interview with the revered Guru Ji. We are pleased to provide brief excerpts:

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Question: Is the ‘MSG-2’ an action or a thriller movie?

Answer: It is basically a thriller movie but is rich in action and suspense.

Question: What are the major concepts in the movie?

Answer: The movie aims to motivate the masses against wicked conventions like the marriage of under aged daughters in backward region or society, discard corruption and discourage exploitation through child labour.

Question : What are the objectives of the movie ‘MSG-2’?

Answer: The movie is based upon the improvements in the lifestyle of tribals.They were provided scientific knowledge about the ill effects of non-vegetarian meals, Tobacco and other intoxicants. The movie shows the righteous transformation in their existing living conditions.

Question: More than 1.3 million artists have participated in ‘MSG: The messenger’. How many skilled performers are playing their role in ‘MSG-2’?

Answer: The number of artists is likely to reach the same level as in MSG: The messenger. In the new movie MSG-2,there are a good number of eminent scenes & songs in which many performers are required.

Question: Are certain professional artists also being engaged?

Answer:No,mostly new youth performers have been encouraged. Certain original tribal people are also participating as per the requirement in the movie. The role of major villain is being played by Mr. Amit who has already performed the role of “Duryodhana”in the religious television serial “Mahabharata”.

Question: Your first movie has been very successful despite lack of your professional training as an actor. Please give your comments on its success.

Answer:It has all been due to the blessings of the Almighty God.Although We did not possess any professional training in acting but worked with virtuous intentions.People realize your morale and consciousness, you shall definitely acquire success if your perceptions are right.

Question: We have full appreciation GuruJi, as You wanted to give eminent message to the masses through Your movie MSG:The Messenger.Do you feel satisfied with the extent of public intuitive faculty of the sublime directions?

Answer: We feel contented that the desired message has reached many people through the movie”MSG: The messenger”.Many persons have discarded the use of cigarette and intoxicants on watching the movie and many more have thrown away the narcotics even in our presence.We feel delighted on the fulfillment of our noble objectives.It is quite astonishing that one person has arranged marriage with a prostitute under the influence of the said movie.

Question: Why the film has not been released in Punjab,even when the people in Punjab have great desire for the release of movie in the state?

Answer: It would have been beneficial if the movie had been released in Punjab.People of that state are going to other nearby states to enjoy the movie because it is proving useful for persons belonging to different religions and sections of society.

Question: The names of politicians are getting projected in the groups of drug-mafia ,now a days, where as they should develop responsibilities of performing noble tasks?

Answer: Dealings with all the narcotics should be banned as these damage the very fortune of the present generation. Business personnel can invest their wealth and earn better in other fields .People can get involved in the cultivation and trading of medicines as well.

Question: Your involvement in the composition and projection of a movie is bringing dual improvements, firstly, you are motivating for the relinquishment of social evils and secondly you are promoting the atmosphere for the exhibition of movies with noble thoughts.Your kind message is solicited for the persons linked with the movie?

Answer: ‘MSG-2’ is exhibiting the romance as well, which was not prevalent in our first movie. It also includes a good love song based on the lives of tribals but it is not indecent.We sincerely feel that film industry should compose movies with healthy concepts so that parents,their daughters or even the entire family can collectively view the movies.

Actors and actresses may perform action and romance but they should induce positive thoughts in youth because they consider them as character icons. Artists should earn their name and fame in graceful manners

Question: Does the next movie ‘MSG-2’ include the stunts performed through Your goodself?

Answer: This movie contains a good number of real stunts.All these stunt actions have been performed by ourself and not by any duplicate member.

Question: What are the number of languages being used for the audition of movie MSG-2?

Answer: Only two languages ie Hindi and English,for the time being.

The film” MSG The Messenger ” has been successful in creating a new record on the occasion of film promotion program organized on 16th January where the function was attended by about one lakh fifty thousand ,two hundred and thirty one spectators. Mr.Mahesh Kaushik presented the certificate,medal and trophy in praise of establishing Indian book & Asian book records.

1650 Million The movie has earned Released in 4000 PVR

Income to be spent for Research on Thalassemia

The film’MSG:The Messenger’ shall prove to be a boon for the patients suffering from Thalassemia.

The income procured from the movie shall be invested for research to uproot the cause of Thalassemia.

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