Raksha Bandhan is a bond of love between Brother and Sister

18th of August
Generally, any person in the world does not accept any kind of bond. The thing that he takes as a bond, he tries to cut down the same.

Love is the only bond in which everybody wants to get tied with. In this context, Rakhi is a unique and lovely bond. The love between the brother and sister has been assumed to be the most sacred of them all.

That is why, ubiquity of Raksha Bandhan has been expressed as the medium of mutual love between the brother and sister. Such a unique bond of love between brother and sister does not exist anywhere else in the world. At the beginning, this very ideology of the human being must have been assumed by our sages, to be the basis to imagine a festival like Raksha bandhan.

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This is such a festival which not only recognizes this bond but also got ubiquity. This festival is celebrated on shukl poornima of shravan month since ages and is awaited by each and every person of India.

The meaning of the festival is ‘which ties someone to someone else’. This way Raksha Bandhan is not a festival but a Grand festival. It has gathered in itself many cultural, Social, economical and historical elements. Raksha Bandhan is a festival of affection, love and defense of tradition.

It is a festival of commitment of defense. This festival is related to emotions and sympathy. The emotions that the threads of Rakhi have, the thoughts that it represent, those emotions are the ones that make the life, very great. This underlines the difference between the humans and animals. The man can progress a lot by adopting a high level thought, in life.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of granting strength to the relations of bond of love and cordiality. That is why on this occasion, everybody looks keen to get tied in one bond or the other. The Guru grants the thread of defense to the pupil and the pupil to the Guru.

In the ancient times , when the pupil, after completing the graduation, used to bid adieu to the Gurukul, then to get the blessings of the teacher, he would tie the thread of defense whereas the teacher used to tie the thread of defense with the view that the knowledge that he had gained, he would use that knowledge in his future, properly so that he would succeed in defending his knowledge along with the dignity of his teacher.

According to this tradition, even today the priest ties the thread of defense prior to any religious ritual and the host to the priest. This way, both of them tie the bond of thread to one another in order to defend the honor of each other. Then, Raksha Bandhan is such a bond where one thread ties the circumference of allegiance with the duty.

What Gift should be given to the Sister –

On the sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan every sister waits for the brother to give her a special gift.

On Raksha Bandhan, every sister thinks that what special gift, his brother will give her and the brothers think that what gift should they give to their lovable sister so that her face glows with happiness. The gift should be such that it reflects your feelings and simultaneously, that gift is a need of your sister.

Let us know about a few gifts which you may give to your sister which will make her happy, without bounds:-

  • Whether it is a boy or a girl, chocolates are the favorites of many. If you want, you may gift her a big box of chocolates.
  • If your sister stays in a distant city and cannot travel on Raksha Bandhan, even then you should send some favorite thing to her. You may take the help of online shopping. You can buy an online gift and send to her.
  • You may gift to your sister which she wanted to purchase for a long-long time but it should completely be a surprise.
  • You may gift her a book which is written by her favorite author or stylish watch or ethnic jewelry box. Artificial jewelry and stone jewelry are in trend these days.
  • Most of the girls are crazy about the fragrances. You may gift her a fragrance of her favorite brand and spread the smell of the festival of Rakhi.
  • If your sister is fond off gadgets then you may gift her an I-PAD or an smart phone depending upon her choice and your budget.
  • If your sister is fond off roaming then you gift her a holiday package. To go to a place of her choice for excursion, she will definitely like it. You may take her out for a surprise family outing.
  • If your sister is beauty conscious then a beauty package or spa voucher will also be liked by her, for sure. Exclusive make- up kit is also a good option.
  • The girls are very fond off clothing, then a good dress or a traditional suit will be a good option. You may give a gift to her which could be multi-color dupatta or scarf whichever she likes.
  • You may gift her a hand made or a digital collage of your special photos. This very photo of yours will help you keep her very close to you.
  • The priority of the girls changes after marriage and therefore you may gift her a few unique things in gift. Gift her a bedsheet, cushion, painting, crockery, saree or some decoration piece. You may think of some jewelry or perfume.
  • If your sister is fond of eating then you may gift her food vouchers of a good restaurant. Apart from this, you may gift her a few shopping vouchers, with the help of which she may do shopping of her favorite things.

Organic products

These days, they are in big demand and no doubt, after getting them your sister will be much happy. Many brands, make available, from organic vegetables to make-up kits. You may, depending upon the need of your sister, likes and according to your budget, choose a few brands as a gift. The organic products do not have any chemicals and because of that, there will be no side effects. There is a long series of organic products.

Among these organic tea, cosmetic set and even soaps are also available. Pack them properly and gift them. Believe that, this very new and unique idea of yours, your sister will like it.

Teach her self defense-

In the present times of insecurity, it is natural of your brother to be worried about the safety of his sister. Under these conditions, it is imperative for every woman to learn a few tricks. Then, why she should not be got admitted to a training institution where self-defense is taught. This will be very beneficial to her even at that time when you will not be near her to help her.

Fitness and tracking instruments-

This is among the better gifts of Rakhi for the sisters. Gadgets are not only for boys, even the girls like these instruments very much. This will make their lives easy and healthy. These days, there are many fitness equipment available in the market which keeps a tab on the fitness.

These keep an eye on your journey on the way to fitness. They keep an eye on heart beat, holistic health etc.

If your sister is fond off fitness then she will like this gift, for sure. Now, when you know of the healthy gifts for Rakhi then it will be easy for you to choose a gift of your likes and now, Rakhi is not far away and that is why, decide quickly and seeing the gift, and if there is a precious smile on the face of your sister, then you should understand that your efforts have succeeded.


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