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Footwear Stylish and Comfortable Footwear has now become the most important part of our dressing sense. There was a time when only importance was given to durability of the footwear. Shape, style, colour have no meaning. With the start of the world, footwear in any kind was prevalent.

First of all wooden foot wear (KHADAUN) were popular.

These were worn by the saints or inside the home. In those days chappals were not there and when these come in to existence, these were not allowed especially in kitchen. KHADAUN were popular. The first ever KHADAUN was to be in between the thumb and first finger. No upper support was there.

These were used mostly by the saints.

After came the KHADAUN with upper support of either rubber or jute. With the passage of time knitted foot wear with thread or wool came in fashion. These used to be very comfortable and economical also. Then we see the companies start making foot wears. Only two three companies were there, which exist even today like Bata, Lakhani.

Carona has gone out of the market. A very few designs used to there and no additional choice was there. Only quality part was seen only. Now the Footwear has established like an industry. Thousands of colourful, stylish and designer shoes, chappals and sandals with heels and flat are seen in the market.

Today it is a trend, when we go to the market to choose a dress, first of all we try to match it with the footwear we have or purchase new ones then and there according to the dress matching. Do not laugh but it is a fact that the status is decided by how much pairs, footwear one has. We cannot help it. It has become the need of the hour. Foot wear industry is competing at par with the garment industry. As we are copying the west, now the work of cobblers have come to the minimum. Instead of going for repair of the foot wear, we prefer to buy new ones. The purchasing power has increased and there is shortage of time. Use and throw culture has been developed. You need foot wear for schooling, office, and sport shoes.

There is a Proverb

It is the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches. This is totally personal. You may consider a foot wear very good, the wearer only is the best judge whether it is comfortable and worth wearing.

Selection of footwear for marriage

If you are purchasing footwear either for attending the marriages, or for your own marriage, in addition to fashion, the body comfort should also be kept in mind. While selecting the right footwear keep in mind about the size, fitting, material, quality, heel height, grip, rubber & sole play an important role.

While purchasing the footwear, we care for the colour and design. In addition to this, proper care has to be taken with regard to the measurement and fitting. If we take a big size, due to loose fitting, we may get our feet outside the footwear or it can create noise while walking.

At the same time if it is tight or small size, it is difficult to walk smoothly. At the time of the selection of the footwear, the height of the heel should be given special care. Never take very high heel footwear because due to height, the weight of the body is not transferred in a right ratio to the foot sole, which can cause much problem in walking.

Always go for a very good quality footwear which saves us from being comfortable. Mainly the leather footwear are comparatively good.

Keep also these in mind

  • The upper and lining should be of leather and there should be foam padding because leather maintains the feet temperature intact.
  • The straps of the footwear should be of leather, so that the base of the foot sole gets rest and you can easily wear it for a longtime
  • Outsole should be of rubber mix which saves you from falling either at the time of running and dancing.

Footwear for the party


The stilettos are those foot wear which have more than 3.5 inch heel. While purchasing these products the durability of the sole should especially be kept in mind. Walk for sometime in the shop to test the comfort.


In comparison to stilettos and heels, veggies cover more area on the ground. Vaiges are thick from the heel part and thin from the sole side due to which the arch of the feet get much support and saves the feet and toes from the sprain. While purchasing wear it and test the fitting.

Peep Toe:

Pump shoes opened from the front side are called peep toe. Three feet fingers are visible. While purchasing these in addition to heel height extra care has to be taken with regard to material rubber outsole and fitting.

High fashion technical shoes:

Extra features are added to make some foot wear comfortable. Before purchasing, gather all information regarding these features. It is a proverb that eat according to your own wish but wear according to others wish.

But in the case of footwear, you should not go after show off because if the foot wear are stylish and not comfortable, you will not be able to even walk. Foot wear should be sober. If they are too stylish, it will given an ugly look.

These days when we cannot pull on with one or two pairs, and need more according to matching, it is advisable that though the quality should be good but we should not go after costly ones.

Because today there is a trend especially in ladies that with every 2nd dress they need matching footwear. Then how much budget you will provide for foot wear. The main motive of the footwear is to give comfort and safety to the feet, rest are secondary things.

– Ramphal

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