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If one asks what has been the change in the last 5 years that has affected their normal lives the most, the hustle would be between mobile phone and the platform of online shopping. Online shopping has changed the perspective of the masses.

Where one never bought anything without seeing it in person and judging its quality and what not, in this period of online shopping, one purchases and pays for the respective good even before it has reached them their respective location.

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All such changes have been brought by quality services and excellent return and exchange facilities. If one is not satisfied with the item delivered, he/she can easily return it, having the guarantee that their money would be credited to their bank accounts.

One could assess the success of online shopping sites, knowing the fact that the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, is the owner of Amazon, the biggest online retail site. And not only Amazon, the world’s biggest brands have set up their online retail sites such as Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. This innovation has changed the perspective of people about shopping.

And this is not only limited to clothing but rather has all kinds of items from big electronic appliances such washing machines, refrigerators to items of daily usage such as Maggie and toothpastes. No industry has seen such a rapid transformation and growth in such a small period of time.

It has added an extra ease and comfort in shopping. One just has to sit with an e-device having internet facility.  You can buy any item of any brand from anywhere, be it your comfortable bed or lazy couch. Even you don’t have to go to noisy places such as vegetable markets, you just have to give order and the required vegetables will be at your doorstep, at your given time.

Owing to world’s condition right now, online shopping has an ever important role. Since all the sites have established connections all over the country, it can deliver essential items to the places in need. Also it can prevent people from leaving their houses. In the present condition generated due to of Covid-19, people who have not taken up the change must now accept it and use it than doing shopping in the traditional way.

There are many advantages of online shopping, if one has problems with it. First of all a very large quantity and variety of items are present for the sale and such a large quantity of options are not present in the stores. Also there are ever going sales which make the items less costly and these spread all over the year which is not possible in any particular shop. Also, it helps the local sellers in selling their items all over the country and also does not require capital for setting up a physical shop.

This results in increased earning for local artisans and sellers and does not even require them to turn up in cities for earning. And seeing the way workers and laborers found it terribly difficult to return to their native places, there is a big chance that they might return, which would result in large scale of unemployment.

Through the medium of online shopping, these workers can be provided livelihood through their art and making of traditional items which havelarge scale popularity in the cities. Also these sites have introduced the facility of e-payment. The cash back you receive from buying of any item can be used in the payment of various bills such as electricity bills or mobile recharges.

And even though there are certain drawbacks of online sites such as there are many fraud sites operating whose picture and original product differ by a mile, it is not always the case. And there is always information about the site in the internet which you can just check and be sure. Also cash on delivery option can be taken on various products so that you may pay only when the product has been made available to you. Also you cancel any product after placing an order.

In the last couple of years there has been a spur in the number of online sites. Many local brands have grown exponentially. Online shopping, in a way ensures that creative and quality items find their way in the right hands. Many brands have emerged out of nowhere and have established themselves without setting any physical store through online shopping. Also this has led to medicines readily available in one’s place which are not available in the native place of an individual.

From now on till the conditions in the world are settled and all kinds of solutions are available, people should transfer to such kind of shopping, at least for this season, if not more. This is important because if people will not shift, then it means that they are leaving home to buy and such activities will only help in spread of the deadly virus. Therefore, shop online, stay home & stay safe.

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