Previously there were joint families. There were big houses. Two brothers with their grand children lived in the same house. At least 20 to 30 people used to live under one roof.

With the passage of time, Joint family meant grandparents to grand children of one family. Presently joint families are becoming out dated, irrespective of their having strong bonding. Nuclear family is the scene of today.

Now from big huge buildings, we have come to houses. With the existence of nuclear families, gone are the days of independent houses. Flat culture is already in existence. Now people are thinking in another way.
Instead of going to rented house, nuclear families prefer to buy their small house or flat on installments.

Purchasing house will be easy with better planning:

Much before starting the planning of buying new, you start reviewing how much is your income and how it is spent? Have you ever calculated that how much is being spent out of your income. You should know that if you make budget for your home, you can save a good amount from being wasted. More to that you can guess the actual cost of the things.


If you have major and young members in your family, it will be better that you also let them know how months income should be spent. More to that if you have growing children, you also share this information with them and make them understand that how the budget is made. You will really be surprised that your children have new ideas and suggestions.


Make a target to save some money every month and try to feel happy through this achievement. May be it is mobile, or going for outing programme. One way is that you avoid using credit card for small things and avoid purchasing things on EMIs. Our suggestion is that keep away your card and use only when it is utmost necessary. Use cash. (though the condition is temporarily reverse, due to currency problem these days)


Causalities are natural and then you can feel acute shortage of money. Do not get panic. Search for the ideas, where you have to spend less and savings are more.


Make variations in your meaningful wishes and unimportant wishes. There are things that today you consider important and necessary and with passage of time, these priorities are changed.


Preparing for the budget does not mean that you are trapped unnecessarily.
This should be for your economic independence and easiness and not financial boundations. A good budget in the shape of control on your money can be very supportive. With the help of this you make your expenditure more logical and can enjoy by throwing away the worries. Most important is that it gives you energy to fight away with the difficulties. Decide your area priority, when gets sorted with the financial planning. Have a meeting after dinner with the family members. After two or three meetings come to conclusion where to purchase the house.


1. There are two options:

Firstly , either it should be in the heart of the city and not very far off. Secondly, taking into consideration, the price hike , it would be better to go on the outer also. But see to it that it has direct connectivity with the public transport.


Though flat culture is need of the hour, it is always better to go for your own independent house. It may be small. First see to your savings and then take a decision. Beyond the limit expenditure always create problems. When you decide, opt for loan, considering your savings. There is no huge difference between the rate of interests in different banks. Still check atleast with two to three banks about the rate of interest and the procedure thereof. Now you have decided the venue and the financial part.


Spend some time with the family for the view and location. Prefer to see when the construction work is going on:

  • Enquire about the carpet area and open area. Open area should be on the both the sides.
  • Proper lighting should be there. Do not come in the grip of vastu or other related thoughts. Ensure, proper lighting is there.
  • Ventilation: Cross ventilation should be there to get proper air
  • See to it that garden area is being provided or not.
  • Water supply arrangement should be checked perfectly. Try to find out whether canal or river water is being provided. If boring water is supplied, try to find out the water level in that area especially in summers.
  • These days builders are making row houses, bungalows and flats, with all amenities, in the colony itself. If you are having kids, see to it that what is the distance of a good school. If the kid is already in the school, transport facility from house to school, distance of the market, hospitals, medical aid etc. should be next criterion for consideration.
  • Also keep in mind the distance of the workplace from the site.
  • If both husband and wife are working, also see whether day care centre or crèche facility is there nearby. If not, try to find some lady or a family and request them to provide this facility to you with financial proposal. Be sure about the security of the children. Then only you can work peacefully in the office.
  • When you have planned all this , now the map of house/inner portion of the flat should be clear in your and your family’s mind. Ask the builder if he can provide with some changes/alterations according to your need.
  • First of all kitchen should be a little spacious with exhaust fan so that the housewife can work easily.
  • Preference should be given to give separate room to each kid,( you can do temporary or permanent partition). This will give space to each kid for study and all.
  • All important electrical or civil facilities should be there. You can opt for furniture (box) in bed and sofa. Allot each kid a separate box in the sofa. Slanting shutter system should be there in sofa and also in the bed.
  • Modular kitchens are in practice but cockroach and other insects affect this and so in the long run be prepared to face this, or find some alternative to this.
  • These days toilets and bathrooms are combined and in every house or flat there are two. Keeping in mind the age of the family members and giving due care to the elder members of the family, opt for one Indian Style and other Italian (Not European Style).
    Italian Styles are comfortable as compared to European Style.
  • When yourself are getting wood work or furniture being made, see to it that beds and sofas do not touch the flour. (This is in fashion today), but it creates problem in the long run because sometimes water may flow on the floor.
  • At the time of construction itself, either ask the builder or you yourself do that all the windows and doors are covered with net also. The whole house should be protected from the mosquitoes.
  • A small portion in the absence of space, or a separate room if there is space in abundance should be left for making the worship room; according to your religion. House is constructed once in life. It is our utmost duty to make it a LOVELY HOME, our DREAM HOUSE.
    – VINITA

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