The Sunshine is an Excellent Gift of Nature

Very few people know of the fact that how important it is for the development of our body, the energy that our skin gets from the sunshine.

Vitamin D is important for all of us which we get free of cost from the rays of sun. The better source of Vitamin D, are the sun rays. The easiness with which the Sun rays supply this, no other thing can supply that much.

Going out in the sunshine for sometime is beneficial for health. Standing for 15 minutes in sunshine suffices the need for necessary Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps in acquiring calcium and Phosphorous in the body, it controls them. It makes bone and muscles and strengthens them. Apart from this there are many advantages of it. Skin becoming black due to ultraviolet rays and and those who fear of the sunburns and remain away from the Sun , become deficient of the advantages of the Sun.

To see the advantages and getting them, one should stand under the soft Sunshine for 15 minutes. The specialty of Vitamin D of Sunshine. The sunshine is inoffensive-The Vitamin D obtained from the Sun is completely inoffensive.

The illnesses of the old are kept away- Taking full dose of sunshine, the danger of heart attack and diabetes in the old people reduces. This Vitamin D reduces the dangers of the old people .

It improves the metabolic system directly. The age of the women increases-Sunbathing increases the age of the women. They live for more number of days. It corrects the blood clotting, diabetes and tumor, increases the body resistance and the danger of blood clotting in feet also vanishes.

In the colder areas, during winters, this danger is more. It takes care of the diabetes and does not let it occur. Due to this, the chances of developing of dreadful diseases in the body reduces a lot. This Vitamin D saves from Cancer and heart attack. The mind remains in proper condition- The mind remains healthy with the Vitamin D obtained from sunshine. It reduces and prevents the madness from occurring.

The Vitamin D obtained from the sun reduces the danger of schizophrenia(the illness of madness). It develops, balances and keeps the heart healthy.
With the pregnant women taking the sunshine, the bones and muscles of both mother and child remain strong. The mind is healthy and develops fully.

Prevents the Illnesses of the heart- The Vitamin D obtained from the sunshine makes the bones and muscles, strong. The danger of Cancer reduces. The metabolism improves which controls the diabetes and heart diseases. The sunshine helps in the prevention of heart diseases.

It makes the body healthy, long lived and free of diseases- Ninety percent part of the need of Vitamin D of the humans is fulfilled by the Sun. The Vitamin D obtained from this, makes a person free of diseases, healthy and long lived.
This reduces the health problems.

Along with making the bones and muscles, it saves one from the brittle bones and fractures. It keeps the bone diseases and pain away.

By the consumption of soft sunshine everyday, the bone diseases do not occur. It gives relief in the joint pain. It facilitates every day actions.

Precaution- The soft sunshine is favorable but the sharp sunshine gives losses.
– Dr Meelima Dwivedi

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