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Avoid Eating at Night In every language, there are proverbs regarding over eating and sleeping more (Pet bhar khana khaane ke baad khoob sone ki kahavaten). This is not a right approach that we get more sleep if we eat more. Avoid Eating at Night

This can cause ‘restlessness’. Even there are some eatables, if taken in the night, may cause hindrance in your sleep. Whereas some others may bring obesity and will gift you many other diseases. Let us know about them.


This is right that vegetables have plenty of nutrition. But if you want to remain healthy, do not take it before sleeping.

Why: Plenty of fibers are found in vegetables. These work very slowly in the digestive system. This may force you not to sleep whole night.

Chips and Snacks

You will not be able to sleep after eating snacks. People consider it light take it as a substitute for dinner.

Why: Because it contains Monosodium glutamate in abundance. This will not allow sleep to come near you.


If you are hungry, pasta can be best option. But it should not be taken at night.

Why: Because by eating this you will gain weight. The carbohydrates contained in it increases the fat very easily. If you want to take light food be away from pasta.


It is usually available in the fridge. It is better to take it at lunch time. Avoid taking it in the night.

Why: The stuff which is used in toppings will definitely increase your weight. More to that it can create the problem of heart burn. Because at night your movement is also restricted, it is better not to take it at night.

Ice Cream

Though taking ice cream after dinner is habit of most of the people, but this is not a good idea.

Why: Because ice cream is full of fat and sugar. At night the body gets no opportunity to burn it because of the lack of movement and thus it increases your fat tremendously.


Taking one bowl of cereals with milk is the best meal and it gives plenty of energy. But it is better to take them in day time and not at night. It is heavy. Why: Carbohydrate rich , this meal will not allow to sleep peacefully.


Some people may not be knowing and agreeing that chocolate is the best source of caffeine. It is better not to take them at night. Why: Do you get a sound sleep after taking coffee in the night. Many people feel disturbed sleep after taking caffeine and chocolate does this.


By taking this at night your nervous system can be affected badly because it can increase neuro problems. So better not to take it at night.

Why: It is not only rich in carbohydrates but also consists of high calories. Our parents or grand parents used to say that dinner must be completed by the evening itself and should not take the dinner late.

But this thing is now vanishing due to the over business or both the parents are working. The evening snacks are complete by 7pm. Mostly the dinner is taken after nine or by nine. After that we sit and watch TV and then again start taking chips or other snacks while watching the TV.

We are not aware and our hands are stopped only when the packet is finished. Thus resulting in obesity and its related problems. Sometimes doctors also advise diabetes patients not to have long gap between dinner and the next morning breakfast. But we should follow a regular discipline for our food especially in dinner. Take light food.

After taking meals create a habit of walking as well, so that the food is digested well. Most important is that we should have movement after taking the food.

– Shikha , Yoga Teacher.


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