Tips To Control Home Temperature - Sachi Shiksha

Though the summer season has almost passed, but the heat after the rains is really very scratchy.

In a minute you feel very hot and the other moment a sigh of shivering is felt. After the rain, heat comes at its peak. Sun shines with its full heat and so it is the tradition also that the things that got moisture during the rain is put in the sun and it gets dry.

After the rain, when the sun shines, ladies put the beds, pillows, blankets and all other things like spices, pulses and wheat in the sun so that it gets fully dry, is actually to avoid them to be infected and keep them fungus free.

Sometimes, like the summer season also the temperature gets high. In summers the temperature sometimes reaches up to 47 degrees in many parts of the country.

We cannot control the outside temperature, but the room temperature and the temperature inside can be controlled. Now the houses are not built like these were built in past years, where the air flow, ventilation, weather and light was kept in mind at the time of construction. You can think that what changes can be made in the built up houses. The architects suggest some tips to control the temperature.

Matka Feeling

In this technique the soil matkas and pits are put on the roof and small pabbles are put in between the matkas and it is cemented. It really cools the rooms.

Underdeck Insulation

Under this technique two inches are left and in the fall ceiling and then thermocol sheets are fixed and in between layer of plaster of paris is fixed. Due to this technique the outside heat cannot enter the house and thus the whole building remains cool.

Double Glazed Unit Glass Panels

Double layer glasses are fixed in these panels especially in windows. The gas is filled in them and coating in these glasses are solar controlled which controls the heat.

Exhaust Fans

In the rooms and especially in the kitchen exhaust fans must be installed. The exhaust fans throw out the heat of the house and kitchen which is heated due to cooking etc. The fans must be installed in the rooms where the cooler is used. When the cooler starts, it takes the warm air upwards and when there is no outflow of the warm air, the rooms are not cooled and more to that humidity is also there. Either the coolers should be fixed on the windows, and if not possible exhaust fans must be there.

Stone Cladding

You can use this technique taking into consideration the heat and also it is best for beautification. In this outside the house , the stones are fixed with dry cladding leaving the gap of half an inch. This creates an air cavity between the gap of stones and the wall. So the heat remains in the cavity and the home temperature is minimized. Do not put the stones directly on the window because the stones get heat and cool easily.

Wall Paneling

In this technique instead of stones, one panel is fixed leaving half inch space. Like outside, the cavity remains inside also and thus the temperature of the room differs. Five to six decades before, we used to see in our childhood that our mothers used to instruct us to keep buckets full of water in every room.

If possible in the midst under the fan. We used to do it. We never measured the temperature, because then these equipments were not readily available. But we used to feel the difference in temperature with soothing and mild chillness. The cow dung coating on the roof also make mild difference in the room temperature.

If possible, and the curtains are put from the outside of the window , spray of water can also make a mild difference in the room temperature. We used to fix khas mats on the window when there we no coolers. The mats were sprayed water three to four times.
Dark curtains also affect the temperature of the rooms. Most of the people cannot afford ACs , though variety of ACs are available in the market according to your pocket size. Buying the AC is not a huge problem, but once it is fixed the electricity charges make your head warm enough. So it is better to go for these options.

More to that the ACs warm the outside atmosphere and thus it is a dangerous, adding to global warming. These small techniques, though demand a little bit of labour, but they cool the temperature as well as your mind and pocket too.

So these options must be tried to cooperate withthe climate also. Be prepared to use these options in the coming summer and make the account of your savings, on account of electricity bill.



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