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Small But Useful Tips for General Ailments It is a popular as well equally true saying that “Health is Wealth”. If you are healthy enough you can do work beyond the limits. Healthy person have a shine on the face which encourages him to do better and his energy level is so high that after continuous work, he never tires. Small But Useful Tips for General Ailments

In our Hindu mythology, we say ‘First denomination is healthy body and second a wealthy empire’. Means we consider Health not equivalent to wealth but more than that. Previously our food habits were such and the things were so pure that a very few people had any kind of ailments and were not in need to consult doctors and physicians. Only a few diseases were known and medication facilities were also limited.

With the advancement of technology, our life style, eating style has changed altogether. More to that now physical labour has also becomes less, inviting High B.P., Diabetes , Heart problems, and such diseases are popping up in the scene.

Not elders but now even kids are having these problems which is a very alarming. Now the medical expenditure is also touching the sky limit. Previously we knew that the Vaidya used to check the Naadi, and that was the final diagnosis. I have seen a Vaidya, 30 years back that by touching the Naadi, he used to predict either you have taken Raddish as a vegetable or a salad.

Have you undergone any surgery? No urine or blood tests for Typhoid, Malaria, Jaundice, only Nadi examination. Now gone are the days of that knowledgeable Vaidya of Ayurveda or Unani.

Now the Diagnosis Laboratory Industry is flourishing more than the Medical professionals. Even for a headache, neck pain, burning in hands, tests are written. It is a good sign also but at the same time this is also giving a bad name to Medical Profession. But these days doctors say that we do not want to take any risks on the imaginations.

It is safe to have medical tests. Previously there were physicians for medicines and consultation and on the recommendations of them, the cases were used to be referred for surgery. Now the trend of specialists has come.

For every disease there is a specialist. Again the same approach, no risk. We can say that even a one person is hale and healthy and has no ailments on this earth today. But in day today’s life, health related problems occur and it is not possible for one to always consult a doctor or specialist. But problem related to that affects our day to day life.

To overcome these problems, we can use home tips.

  • If sweating more, take bath with phitkari water. n Roasted Amla can give immediate relief to cough.
  • If having hiccups, eat Basil leaves with sugar and then drink water.
  • In the case of having no wish for eating, try to take banana with your meals. It will increase your hunger.
  • In the case of deficiency in hunger, take twice two spoons of saunf powder with honey. It will increase your hunger.
  • In case of joint pains, do massage with neem oil. Boil neem leaves in any oil and keep it in a bottle. n Having blisters in the mouth, start eating coconut.
  • Paste of loki minimizes the burning sensations on bottom of the feet.
  • In case of headache, in a slight hot water put ginger and lemon juice in a very small quantity. It will immediately give relief.
  • In case of tooth ache, put some clove (LAVANG) oil, to get immediate relief.
  • If you want glow on your skin, grind the tomatoes and put this on face, hands and neck, your skin will give a glow.
  • In case of swelling in gums, mix some mountain salt (Sendha namak) in mustard oil and massage gently on the gums, you will surely get relief.
  • In one cup of rose water put half lemon juice, and do (KULLAH), in the morning, it will throw away the bad smell of whole night.

If you are a patient of insomnia, and do not get proper sleep, take dinner early. Before sleep drink hot milk and wash your feet. At the end massage the bottom of the feet with mustard oil. You will immediately be in the dreams. More to that try to take the following fruits with meals.

These will prove to be carrying medicinal effect.


This is not only the best source of fiber, but also it can be digested very easily. If taken with the meals, the food will be digested easily. So you can say bye-bye to stomach related problems.


This activates your salivary gland. Then this also helps in digesting the food. More to that as a rich source of vitamin C, it will save you from many ailments.


It is the best source of non-diluted poly saturate, and also helps the digestion. So with food you can take this without any hitch.


Guava is also considered to be the best source of vitamin C. Its glycemic index is very low , which is safe for even diabetic patients. If you wish cut some pieces of guava and mix it in the salad with black pepper and black salt and then you will relish its taste more.


About ten grapes just after the meals digest your food. It is also good for the eyes. Taking grapes before the lunch or dinner increases your appetite.


Eating 5 dates daily will save you from being anemic. Iron deficiency will also cured.


Red colour menu in your food will save your from blood deficiency. Red pieces of beet root and carrot will add colours to your food in addition to be the best source of iron and vitamin A.

Almonds and Apricot:

Full night Soaked 5 almonds in the water are best tonic for your nerves and eyes. Eat it empty stomach and then drink hot milk. Apricot is having the shape of brain. It really keep your nervous system intact. If you strengthen your stamina by taking all the fruits and raw vegetables, it will surely minimize your ailments. Then why to go and consult the doctor or physician when you are hale and healthy.


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