How Mother in Law and Daughter in Law can Stay in Harmony

Mother in laws behavior for her daughter-in-law should be simple. Love her like your own daughter. As our own daughter commits some mistake, we make her understand with love, advise her and try to tell the pros and cons of the things.

Similarly when the daughter-in-law commits some mistake, make her understand with love and not with anger.

Then you will find that there is nothing who can break the thin thread of this sensitive relationship. In household matters mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should have mutual discussions and exchange of advices.

Interrupting each other in small small things is not advisable. It obviously increases bitterness and irriation. Love attracts love.

The relationship of daughter-in-law is tied with a very thin thread. If this thread is broken, though it will be joined but there will be a knot. If every mother-in-law starts seeing qualities in her daughter-in-law, leaving behind her weaknesses, their relationship will become sweet and healthy.

Newly married educated daughter-in-law have some emotions to surrender for the new family. With new dreams in heart when she leaves her fathers’ house and enters in the new house, she has an imagination of a good husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, big and small brother-in-laws.

When her enthusiasm and, encouragement does not get support, all her dreams, wishes start getting scattered and she gets complex and inferiority complex.

Later on this complex get the shape of fights and quarrels in the home. It is the first and foremost duty of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that they have mutual respect. Respect each others’ emotions and work according to that.

Give encouragement to each others’ qualities and both should ignore the bad qualities of each other. Both of them should make coordination according to each other’s ideas. Today the clashes between the two is that they are not able to coordinate with each others ideas, thoughts and behavior.

Second thing is that mother-in-law wants to be independent with regard to her own daughter, but in case of daughter-in-law, maybe it is regarding purchasing, going out, doing make up or the house hold matters, she will be ignorant or adopting double policy. Why so? Why so much difference between daughter and daughter-in-law.

This is a very serious subject to think over. Every mother-in-law should think that she has a daughter, daughter-in-law is also someone’s daughter.
Her mother also used to love her to the extent, you love your daughter.

It is the need of the hour that every mother-in-law should consider her daughter-in-law as her own daughter and give love to her.

Then the daughter-in-law will give respect to her mother-in-law more to her own mother. MEENA JAIN CHABBRA

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