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Today is the world of professionalism. Everybody working, either in Government Sector or in private sector wants promotion after a certain period of sincere service.

How to talk about your promotion? How to keep your demand? It is very necessary to make some preparations before hand, so that the meeting ends on a positive note. Like, how should be your relations with your colleagues, also need planning.

At the time of promotion, only your work output is not taken into consideration. You must be a very productive worker, but if you are not of adjustable and adapting nature; you are not having cordial relations with your colleagues, then it matters.

You must realize that all your work and aptitude is also being judged silently by the boss. In Government Sector, there are set norms for promotion. Length of service is the main criteria. More to that Roaster is followed. Certain posts are reserved for specific classes. Though for promotion roaster is also made. But it is not hard and fast rule for that. Single post cannot come under roaster.

But in private sector, scene is altogether different. Your promotion depends mainly on you, your work and your relations with the company. Sometimes it is seen that people with less qualification, but high experience, dedication towards work, skills and most of all because of their behaviour make it faster than others. When you are planning to have a discussion about your promotion, you must start reframing yourself months before itself. This includes whittle on your personality and behavioural skills.

Start making daily notes of your work in short so that at the time of discussion everything should be clear in your mind

  • Keep on updating your data.
  • Try to gather and keep the information, about day today happenings surrounding you with positive approach. And remember do not disclose it.
  • Try to know the salary being paid in other organizations to the personnel of your profile.
  • Focus on your targets, and try to achieve it fully before the discussion.
  • Have a close watch on the financial resources of the company
  • Keep on updating your technical skills also and be acquainted with latest technology.
  • Try to be focused on the points to be discussed in your promotion meeting
  • If need be try to choose options as well. If salary hike is not accepted what other options you would like to go for?
  • Plan, analyze your options and also prepare a detailed note of your talking and other options, way of replying, how to take the note to a positive end.
  • Try to become more positive in your approach, behavior and your presentation skills, to present your case for promotion
  • In your mind or heart you can compare your output and other things with others, but see to it that it should be mentioned in words or by your actions and behavior that you are comparing yourself with others. This approach irritates the boss.


Whatever you want, more money, high position, extra attention, extra facilities or more time. All these cannot be achieved without talking to your boss. Your requests can be put to the boss with some special sentences and the success can be achieved like, ‘How we both can do it better’ or ‘How we can make it win-win’.


Respecting your colleagues and thanking them can be very easy and funny. You can do it orally or sending one paper. But see to it that it should be given in a very personal way and with serious approach. This will make you very close to the colleagues. It spreads like fragrance of a flower; all around and fragrance of which directly or indirectly reaches your boss too. Try to keep on calling your colleagues on phone and can enquire about their problems and offer the suggestion if necessary and possible. This makes them feel that how much important they are for you. Mind it both the hands wash each other. Hence this small and different effort will certainly yield positivity in your relations. Remember that this is also very important, apart from your work.


If your colleague is having any mental problem and which is also not diagnosed, and due to this your teamwork is being affected. What will you do? When one of your colleague is depressed and in tense, first of all see to it that what you can do for him? If you are not his good friend, try to avoid making any comments. But if you are manager and his behavior is affecting the work, you can interfere. Firstly try to build a good atmosphere; choose a place, where everyone can talk and discuss.

Give the person an opportunity to open his heart and try to to discuss with others and take their opinion also before coming to any conclusion. This type of team work and your leadership, builds an atmosphere which itself pulls your boss to think about your capability. Put before the boss in all the aspects and then discuss about the promotion so that you can hope for a favorable answer.

But if at all you do not get a positive reply for this, do not get desperate. Most important is to hit the iron, and keep on doing that with your work, behavior and positive approach towards the company. It is sure that you will get what you want in due course of time.

Remember, if you are not getting promotion this time, and you are still working with enthusiasm, without any negativity, be assured that the promotion is still being added in your account and one day you will get it with interest.


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