Chirping Birds - A Soothing Music - Sachi Shiksha

Skyrocketing buildings, roads packed with hooting cars and bikes speeding past, billboards that are bright, buzzing people, loudspeakers etc are all the regular and common sights of the urban cities. With the increasing population there is a steep rise in demand for land, building materials, furniture and other products and urbanization resulted in deforestation.

The trees are cut down to make land available for buildings, roads, highways, malls etc. As a result of urbanization the villages are shrinking. The trees from forest are slaughtered to get the raw material for the ever rising demand of wood for furniture, firewood and paper products. In large cities it is hard to find a spot of land that is open and has trees growing in it.

The continuous stress created by the urban lifestyle initiates stress related diseases like hypertension and depression. This fast-pace lifestyle today brings out the essential need for the options that are able to act as stress relievers. The objects that we see, observe, experience and hear each and every passing moment holds a great degree of influence on our physical traits and nervous system along with immune and endocrine system.

The bonding between the humans and the nature is inseparable since if nature is removed from the algorithm humans cannot exist. But the balance among various ecological factors is greatly impacted and disturbed by us. The impact of our thoughtless actions is very much visible in the form of pollution, change in pattern of seasons, spreading of diseases and deforestation.

In order to relieve our stress many of us plan a holiday at places that are close to nature like hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, camping sites etc. The zoological parks that are specifically made in many big cities import variety of birds, provide the urban people with a source of enjoyment and recreation.The sounds of nature make it possible for all of us to have a soothing connection with it. These sounds make us shift our focus from the chaos and the clutter of our daily life.

The chirping of birds is one such sound that is a gift of nature to the human world.The sounds of birds are connected to happy and exciting events and help in soothing the anxiety and stress accumulated in our hearts and minds since these sounds bear the capability to nurture emotions that are positive and are healing. When we are able to listen the chirping of birds amidst all the tough and pushing times of our day to day life, we are able to experience a break from all the negativity around us.

In many urban areas people have started to miss the songs of birds at the time of dawn that they once regarded as a morning alarm and are now wondering about the disappearance of the birds. The alteration in the behavior of birds is like a puzzle to most common people. But to be specific the main reason is the alteration in soundscapes all around the world which is responsible for the drastic change in wildlife behavior and communication.

The human generated sounds such as the sound of vehicles on roads, rails, traffic, mining sounds, air conditioner, drums, firecrackers etc have a great influence on the soundscape. The sounds of birds are meaningful and specific in contrast to those made by humans that are automatic and polluting. Birds make sound to protect their young ones, attract mates, sound alarms, defend territories, and communicate.

The music created through the chirping of birds soothes the mind and calms down the anxiousness of our hearts. It represents the nature and transports us from our daily routine into a world filled with peace.These sounds reconnect the man’s innermost connection with nature. If one has a fancy over birds then the tweets and chirps help you in relaxing. As the birds chirp and sing, we can assume that everything is fine and safe.

For birds to have their existence the thing that is most needed is the trees and plants in a wholesome, but there is construction, deforestation and hence soil erosion.As there are less trees available, there is decreased anchoring for the soil and hence the topmost fertile soil cover is washed off during rainy season. The lack of vegetation implies that the birds and animals dwelling on those trees will also decrease drastically.

In order to recreate and mend the disturbed equilibrium and balance between different variables of the ecosystem the most required and important step is reforestation. Not only restoring the forests but also planting as many big trees as possible may it be in personal gardens or road sides especially in the urban areas. This will not only recharge the groundwater, decrease the carbon-dioxide levels in air thus further maintaining and restoring the original temperature and climatic conditions but also bring back the fauna to its original condition and so the birds will follow. The 3 R principle towards all the resources that nature has provided us is the best way to make a proper contribution towards environment and nature.

The 3 R’s are the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The humans are now aware of the problems that are created by themselves and are now putting efforts towards eradicating them. Hence there is a great deal of hope that the ecological balance can as well be restored and we can listen to the chirping of birds in plenty once again. In this field several organizations are working day night so as to restore the healthy environment surcharged with positivity.

And it would be a great injustice if we don’t mention the name of the Present Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda  the most revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan whose millions of followers plant & nurture millions of samplings across the globe every year on the occasion of the holy Incarnation Month of their Spiritual Guide Revered Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that we should also follow the examples set by the Dera Sacha Sauda so that we can save the environment and once again hear the soothing music created the chirping of birds.


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