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Advertisement Industry Where Glamour and Creativity Co-exist

Qualification and Course

To enter this field, it is essential to be a graduate in any stream. Simultaneously, a few institutes of the country are conducting such graduation courses in advertisement, PR and mass communication where the eligibility for the entry is only 10+2.

Most of the advertisement and publicity agencies give merit to the students who have done specialized courses such as MBA, Mass communication, PGDM or degree.

For the media planning, market research works the students with MBA degree are given preference.

To have a firm footing in this field, it is necessary for you to have other skills along with educational qualifications in which, better communication and quality of a techno-savvy are necessary. Simultaneously, good knowledge of photoshop, coral draw are plus points.

There are many opportunities

Here, the responsibilities of the executive includes market research, client service, and media research like works are done. At the same time, copy writing, copy editing, script writing and editing are the main works.

Media planning

The work of the media planning department is to arrange space on all the means related to modern media, newspapers, TV channels, websites, for its customers. Their work begins when the advertisement is ready completely and its campaigning is required. Media is approached with the idea of either advertisement or in the form of a business news format. The idea is to market the product as much as possible to increase the sale.

Client servicing

The work of the client servicing department is to coordinate between the client and the customer.

Account Executive

The people working in this field have to keep the records of transaction of money. He has to develop a good knowledge of the market research, client survey. Usually professionally qualified people are employed for the job.

Market Research

The people working in this department have to survey about changing trends of the market, the opinion of the consumer about the product etc. and give correct feedback to the company. The survey can be either a detailed one or done with a limited number of people, but the idea is to gauge the interest or the taste of the people. Such surveys are very helpful in the marketing of new products as businessmen get a fair idea of what do the people want.


To make the advertisement more effective and catchy, its script plays an important role. The work of the copy writer is to tell the specialty of the product in lesser words and in an attractive manner. Here there is play of words is done in such a manner to prove the product very attractive. So catchy phrases, words idoms come very handy.


The work of the visualize is to ensure that the advertisement looks better in appearance after it has been readied. The degree taken in applied arts and fine arts may show you the path of success.

The possibilities of the career

The era of tough competition of these days has given a new urgency to the advertisement world as a result of which in this field a lot of opportunities of employment are there. These days whether it is any brand, company, socialites or any organization, in one way or the other take the help of advertisement to convey their message to the people. Be it on radio or television or in the print media like newspapers, even pamphlets advertisements are given. If you have the talent in mass communication you can make a name in this field.

Many Courses

There are many types of courses available with different institutes to make a career in the advertisement world e.g. BA in advertising , marketing and advertising, PG diploma in advertising, Master of advertising and public relation management, certificate course etc.

Main Institutes

A few institutes organizing degree, diploma and certificate course, in this field are as follows:

1. The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

2. Makhan Lal Chaturvedi National Journalism University, Bhopal.

3. Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar.


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