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“If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going.  That doesn’t mean quit your job and jump into your idea 100% from day one, but there’s always small progress that can be made to start the movement.” ~ Kevin Systrom

Every entrepreneur has a special story of various start-ups that inspire many others to start living their dream of building a business. It does not matter at what age you start it, some may start it at an early age while others have a bit of late luck to set up a business. But one thing remains the same with every great entrepreneur that they love the freedom and control over their destiny. Entrepreneurs have all the shots at a decision making that determines the success and failure rate of the business.

In this time of the pandemic, almost 122 million Indians have lost their jobs, it is only skills and technology that are helping them to get employed again. Gone are the days when people were dependent on the capital investment to start a brick and mortar business, with the help of amazing technology and various social media platforms people have a lot of start-up options that do not require any money. All you have to do is nurture it with dedication, time, skills and consistency! Entrepreneurship gives you the satisfaction of creating something new every day on your own, you get the opportunity to think out of the box and office cubicles.

Entrepreneurship has the freedom to steer the ship and decide where it will be boarded. In the initial stage of a start-up, it may demand a lot of extra working hours, more risks, stress and less pay… but it will all be worth after a while because on the contrary the earning potential is not limited and a flexible schedule is the earned bonus.

In the process of working on a start-up idea, it gives you opportunities to make new contacts, build a strong network, learn new skills and technologies, also gives room to research on your idea and create a long term vision to achieve your goals. To achieve all these factors in given time slot one always needs a mentor who is already involved in this and holds a great experience in handling the finances, marketing and business strategies.

An experienced and trusted advisor can offer guidance and support to new entrepreneurs in navigating the pitfalls of business ownership and development.The mentors can connect you with potential clients, motivates during a challenging phase and also brings the unbiased and honest piece of advice as & when needed. New entrepreneurs can candidly discuss their market researches, shortcomings and goals with them as they  have the practical knowledge about this side of the world.

With the recent boycott of Chinese goods, Indians are now promoting local businesses which is now creating a lot of space for youngsters, housewives and other skilled but unemployed people to showcase their ability. Small businesses that focus majorly on individuals or community can use social media platform as a powerful weapon to create brand awareness and connect with people personally, it is an effective way of leading the generation.

Young generation usually prefers social media to promote their start-ups as it is easy, free and fun to connect with people and tell them about your passion and find the right audience at the same time. The enhancement of technology has made social media an important part of inbound marketing strategy.

People now understand the meaning of creating valuable content and sell it to the people who are showing an interest in your brand, product or service. Now a point to remember is that it does not require any monetary investments initially, all you need to do is to be consistent and passionate for whatever start-up idea you choose which is worth giving a shot in this era of lockdown.

People have now accepted that working from home is going to be a new way globally but then this phrase raises a question that who will be the provider? The answer is simple, the more people establish new start-ups the less unemployment will be. The start-ups not only empower the entrepreneur but also create new job opportunities for others as well.

As an employer you become provider to those who are associated with you, your people will trust you and your leadership. Most importantly, nobody has to have a degree from a prestigious college to start up a business. Some of the great entrepreneurs and tech billionaires are dropped out of colleges and schools just because they had a long term vision for the hard work they were putting to build their dreams. It feels great when a person looks back and realise how much he has grown as an individual, growth of the business is directly related to the personal growth of an entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur tends to develop an iron jaw over a while from the learning experiences he has had during his journey. One thumb rule that suits best for new entrepreneurs is: “There is no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade”. Even if there is a bad day as an entrepreneur it is still better than a bad day working for somebody else, at the end of the day some sort of satisfaction stays by your side that you have given a shot for your dreams and tomorrow will come with more new opportunities. When you are into a business every day is a learning lesson and sometimes it may come with a price but it is a priceless experience that one cannot get in any expensive school or college. The cost of those experiences is worth when they satisfy your curiosity.

Often when people leave their jobs and turn into entrepreneurs, they learn from the past corporate experience and try to provide an improvised version of working standards to their employees. It gives them the freedom to create a corporate culture based on their beliefs, in today’s era it is important to be employee-centric and provide a comfortable working culture to attain the best environment for success and excellence. A good and positive working culture shows that the business owner respects and values every employee’s contribution.

Choosing your own career path gives you wings to fly and dream big & high! The journey of being an entrepreneur starts when an individual believes that no idea is too crazy and no target is too big to achieve. Your imagination is the air beneath your wings!

Meenal saxena

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