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Career in Ethical Hacking With the increasing dependence on internet, the danger of leakage of confidential and personal information now has grown manifold. Career in Ethical Hacking

More to this today a challenge to control the theft in the bank account by hacking the password is very necessary. To overcome this problem, the need of Ethical Hacking Specialist arises. Just think someone puts a vulgar photo on the wallpaper of your facebook account or steals your password and take money from your bank account, or steals your personal photo and make it public.

What will be your position?

You can undergo a huge financial loss. You know that through internet, these incidents are becoming a daily affair. It is called “Hacking”. Actually today every activity is being done online. If we talk of our country, more than 35 crores of people use internet. They have smart phone, computer or laptop in their hands on which they have started sharing personal and professional matters. Due to this cyber crime incidents are also increasing.

According to the Ministry of Information Technology, in 2016, during January to March, hacking of nearly eight thousand websites was done. In 2015 approximately 49,555 incidents of cyber spying were reported. It is clear that cyber security is a big challenge of today.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking as its name shows is done to check the unethical hacking. It is ethical because it is done on the instructions of the owner. Ethical hackers just like other hackers are also very familiar with computer and network.

In any company the work of this professional is to ensure that no outside person can break the security of IT system and do not damage to any file.

Need Thousands of Experts

According to the report of NASSCOM, about 50,000 Cyber Security Personnel is available whereas looking into the matter of internet reaching fast to the distant places, more than 77000 Ethical Hackers are needed.

Like this India would need 50 lakh Ethical Hackers by 2020 looking into the Local and Professional Market. But presently about 15 thousand hackers are only coming every year.

Bright Future

The Central India Scheme “Digital India” is slowly and slowly picking the speed. All important government information is exhibited on line. More important is to secure this information. According to a guess with the initiative of Central Government, about 1.7 crore new Ethical Hackers will be needed. On the other hand all big companies are making their own data center. These companies also need Specialized Cyber Security Professionals.

In the coming years people will use the services of the hackers with regard to cyber security.

Job Opportunities

Today Ethical Hackers are in great demand in IT Sector. More to it you can find job in IT security Services Certification companies and also in IT firms as Cyber Professional. In Law Firms, Bank, Telecom companies are taking their services.

Which Courses?

After engineering, specialization in Ethical Hacking can be done. After 12th also there is option to do this course. Some Institutions are imparting this course even after 10th Class. These courses are of the duration from six months to one year.

Main Institutions

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU),Delhi.

2. Indian School of Ethical Hacking, Banguluru.

3. Institute of Information Security, Mumbai.

View of the Experts

According to the experts, the expansion of cyber security is more today. In the coming years, its demand will be more because computer and smart phones are included in everybody’s daily routine.

All important and personal information is being fed in the Computer and Mobile these days by the people. Ethical hackers are those, who with official permission, try to repair the loopholes in the system.

This is an alternate arrangement, so Ethical Hacking has become an attractive option for the persons having taste in IT. These days all companies are using their own network. Nobody should do any mischief, so they are appointing Ethical Hackers.

In this field all youngsters who have taste in computer, mobile and gadgets or the persons who have done IT Course can make their career. You can become Ethical Hacker, you can save the people and the companies from the hackers with bad motive and teach them a lesson also.

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