How to Control Your Emotions?

How to Control Your Emotions?

The potential to experience and express emotions is very crucial. Emotions play a massive role in determining reactions as a response to a particular situation. When you are along with emotions, you have access to necessary things such as relationship success, decision-making, self-care and daily interactions.

Emotions can help you in your everyday life but can also disturb relationships and emotional health if they are not under control. Intense emotions and mood swings can cause unwanted thoughts, which might trigger feelings of despair and make you think of unhealthy coping methods such as harming yourself or suicide etc.  This article will discuss some ways to control emotions.

It is essential to observe the effect of emotions. Emotions make life vibrant and exciting. Strongfeelings reflect that we embrace life wholly, and we are not repressing our natural and necessary reactions. It is normal to feel emotionally overwhelmed in some situations, but the problem occurs when emotions are out of your control. Out of control emotions can lead to conflicts at the workplace or home, relationship problems, emotional or physical outbursts etc. Hence, it should be observed that how the out of control emotions impact your daily life.

Emotions must be regulated and not repressed. Please don’t leave them running at a high pace every time but never completely switch them off. Repressing or suppressing emotions can prevent you from expressing feelings. This can happen consciously or unconsciously. This can also lead to depression, anxiety, muscle tension and pain, sleep issues, substance misuse etc. A balance should be found between overwhelming emotions and no emotions.

It is necessary to recognize what you feel. Keep a check on your mood in order to gain control over your emotions. Try not to get extremely upset, kick your desk, throw the things and question yourself that what  am I feeling right now. What is the cause of this feeling? What should I do about these feelings? Is there a better style of dealing with them? Consider the possible options, re-frame your thoughts and change your extreme reaction. It will take some time before it becomes a habit. This will become easier by practice.

The best way of managing emotions is to accept them as they are and then help yourself by saying phrases like keeping calm, it’s not a big deal, relax etc. Increasing your comfort level around extreme emotions permits you to feel them entirely without reacting in unhelpful and unnecessary ways. Accepting the feelings as they are will bring a sense of satisfaction in your life, and your mental health will also be stabilized.

Maintaining a mood journal can also help. Writing down the responses and feelings can uncover the patterns. Emotions should be mentally traced in thoughts. Writing feelings in a diary can allow you to think and reflect on them in a better way. It will also assist in identifying particular situations that result in out of control emotions. Recognizing specific triggers offers the ways to deal with them effectively. The best results of journalising are visible when it is done on a daily basis.

Deep breath holds a lot of power even when you are extremely happy or poorly sad or outraged.      Calming down and focusing on breath won’t throw the anger away, but it will protect you from intense emotional  reactions. So you can breathe deeply or hold the breath for one minute or recite God`s Words  whenever you feel any emotion intensely.   It will calm you down.

Understand the correct place and timing for expressing emotions. For example, it is entirely normal to burst into tears and cry madly on the loss of any loved one, but it is not ok to shout at your boss even in the worst condition. It is essential to stay mindful of surroundings and circumstances.

Provide yourself some time and some space. Distance yourself from intense emotions in a physical way by leaving any sad situation. Mental distancing can also be done. It is not appropriate to avoid or block feelings completely, but some distraction until you feel better is healthy. This can be done by going on a walk, talking to a  good friend or family member, watching something funny or playing with pets etc.

Meditation with Pranayamis the best way to get your emotions under control. It will enhance your awareness regarding experiences as well as feelings. It will also boost your self confidence. As it is written above, accepting emotions makes it easier to deal with them. Meditation also relaxes you physically, mentally and allows you to have a better sleep.

Other healthy ways to deal with stress include spending time with friends, enjoying with animals, taking enough sleep, going on a jog, spending time in nature, doing yoga or going to the gym, practicing hobbies such as art or playing an instrument, listening to music etc.

If emotions continue to overwhelm, then it is wise to take professional help from any psychologist or therapist. A therapist will find reasons for your mood swings, emotional deregulation. The reasons can be relationrelated, family trauma etc. A therapist will offer judgement-free and compassionate treatment and will teach you to regulate your emotions.


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