How  Would Your Parents Have Described You?

How  Would Your Parents Have Described You?

I am the first girl child in my family. I deserve to be treated very special but the scenario is quite different. Is it sometimes believed that I am a huge burden on my parents and a big disappointment to my family because we have a very different opinion towards life.

They want me to learn household chores and be a responsible girl and marry a middle-class Sikh man and live an ordinary life but I want something else from my life which does not match my reality and is out of their imagination. I want to lead a creative life full of passion, be financially independent, and live a luxurious life full of respect and full of positive popularity.

I believe that I am not born to just cook for a man and my in-laws but I believe that I am born to live an extraordinary life in which I would love to help the needy people. But my parents believe that I am a kiddish and middle-class person & therefore don’t deserve to think beyond limitations. Due to this clash in our opinions, my parents do not like and support my dreams.

How  Would Your Parents Have Described You?I strongly believe that they would describe it as a burden to them. Although they have done a lot for me, paid my school and college fees, and bore my daily expenses but now I am extremely afraid of taking even a single penny from them because I feel that if they would be pressurized, they would ask me to marry as soon as possible. I made myself financially independent. I work extremely hard as a content writer to earn money and pay my rent and my fees in New Delhi.

I believe that my family has never offered me moral and emotional support since childhood and I have grown up as a lonely kid. So, they do not like me and want to get rid of me. I spent my teens in a dark room with nights full of tears without any sort of communication with my parents. Also, my parents never attempted to share my pains and emotions.

My parents would clearly describe me as a big failure because they believe that I have never achieved any goal in my life and especially I cannot cook well for them and they would have to listen to tantrums from my in-laws that they didn’t teach me anything. They believe that the family and the man with whom I  get married to will be cursed because I am not at all a lady who can handle household chores and cook good food for man.

My father does not like me to go out with my friends, hang out, talk to boys, and chill. He wants me to live a life as my mother and grandmother lived but my personality is extremely opposite to them. I want to go out, travel the world, meet new people, talk to them, share their experiences and live a life full of passion and joy. Due to this belief of my parents, I feel anxious and depressed in my house.

I feel frustrated when they are around. They are very narrow-minded and they admit that they do not feel that I am their child because of the massive difference in our perspectives towards life.


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