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Life is the unique sum total of various physical, chemical and biological activities performed in a systematic and regulated manner with in the organism under favorable conditions of the environment.

As per scientific principles, the generative material, regulating substances and energy for sustaining the life are produced and utilized within the living cells of the organism. But according to the religious view points, the regulation of the whole life is governed through super natural divine power.

The needs, style and objectives of living are not similar in all persons. The differences may be in age groups, males and females, married and un-married, literacy level, religions, conventions of castes, environmental situations, occupations and professions, financial status etc. Thus life has different meanings and values for different persons.

Everyone should shape the life to make the best possible use of the time available. Certain common features are necessary for every individual. Try to under-stand the meaning and message of eloquent living. It is always useful to progress with positive thinking and proceed from strength to strength. There may be short-cuts to failures but generally there are no short-cuts to success and life.

A positive thought provides extreme pleasure, respect, success, satisfaction and are useful for society. Negative aspects bring pain, tension, losses and are harmful to the masses.

Explore Happiness

Analyze yourself to lead purposeful and happy existence. You should replace hatred with love, revenge with forgiveness, greed with contentment, fear with courage, despair with hope, failure with success, jealousy with affection, personal gain with sacrifice, pricking with smoothness, sadness with delight, bitter with sweetness, wickedness with virtues etc. Convert glooming situations to blooming atmosphere.

A person who is determining to accomplish substantial tasks for others cannot spare a few moments for personal contentions. Always try to be really happy and gain highest levels of progress through your intelligence befitting your personality,

Temperaments and Talents

  1. Goodness in man is like a fragrance in a flower.
  2. Always sustain optimistic attitude.
  3. Life is what we make it.
  4. Try to create goodwill in society. Be humane and render selfless service.
  5. We should learn to remember a few very basic aspects of past, enjoy the present and plan for future in a systematic manner.
  6. Decide your destination and achieve it. Find your passion and go for it. Pursue your objectives with all your strength and intelligence.
  7. Life span is time bound. Make righteous plans through virtuous actions.
  8. Always try to remain cool, calm and tension free.
  9. Do not make it mechanical, commercial or trade worthy.
  10. Take charge of your own life, acting instead of merely reacting.
  11. Do not opt to settle your future through others or by chance.
  12. Try to become master of your action plan instead of being its slave. Decide what you want to happen and then take necessary steps to make it happen.
  13. Decide to direct the sails according to the wind.
  14. Do not pursue the material pleasure at the cost of values and principles. Choose the proper and correct path after analysis of thoughts.
  15. Always keep in mind that ego, ill will, hatred, exploitations, superstitions etc. weaken the consciousness.
  16. Try to struggle against measures of diseases, injustice, social evils, apathy etc.
  17. We must continue to rise and attain to the divine so as to understand the purpose and meaning of life.
  18. Take constructive and innovative steps.
  19. Be civil to all, social to maximum, friends to a few selected but enemy to none.
  20. It is not the things around us which matter but our attitude towards things.
  21. Try to tolerate the sufferings, loss and grief as part of our life, since life cannot be happy all the times. The miserable situations also change with time.
  22. Try to be trustworthy.
  23. Make a habit to be grateful for those providing help and to the almighty.
  24. Peace does not come from absence of evil, ignorance and hatred but from struggle to fight them out.
  25. You can get love, respect and recognition if you extend them to others because the law of nature is flawless, “one reaps what one sows”.
  26. Meditation helps you to live, love and work more effectively. You feel re-balanced. Your stress and strain level slides back to normal.
  27. Develop a wide range of openness to improve your curiosity of learning new and effective ways of thinking, doing and being.
  28. Try to remain fair, just and positive in taking decisions.
  29. Continue to grow as long as you live to discover the latent qualities, the genius power and magic within yourself.
  30. Do not show off to be what you are not. False pretentions can land you in trouble and disaster.

People search for happiness outside of themselves which is a great mistake. Happiness is something what you are and think. Happiness is not the goal but it is way of righteous journey. Dwelling on negative aspects drains your energies and you cannot soar towards progress.

Develop Wining Spirit

This concept if applied can entirely change your attitude towards difficult tasks.

  1. Reputation of a person travels faster than our own speed; therefore, develop good habits, strong character and amiable behavior to win eloquent status.
  2. You may belong to any occupation or profession, try to excel not only in the quantum of production but also concentrate on the quality of product.
  3. You must work with zeal and determination to surpass all others in the field of your expertise.
  4. Earn with self toil. Spend less than your income, thus save something for your progress, future prospects and social cause.
  5. Develop the habit of voluntary social service e.g., tree plantation, blood donation, extending help to the needy etc.
  6. Time management is an important key to success.
  7. Review the best qualities of at least five persons who have been remarkably successful in their field and try to follow good deeds.

The aims and objectives of leading happy and prosperous life has been elaborated by His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa during the spiritual congregations that you have just to give yourself to Him and then He gives you everything. Let us work at our meditation with commitment, patience and humility without expecting or demanding anything in return.

Prayers and meditation can purify the mind, provide soul power tonic and elevate its sublimity. These also enable the man to negotiate the ordeals of life. Personal experiences in this regard can teach more about the spiritual enhancement. Minimize sorrows, anxieties and sufferings through good deeds and spend maximum energy for noble cause. Develop wining spirit; work honestly with full zeal and determination.

The voice of clear conscious is voice of God. Each one of us exists to carry a special mission and task that does not belong to anyone else.

Add life to years and not years to life. Life is worth living and thus makes its every moment lively. Think good, do good, be good and have good. Love humanity and adapt to meditation.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,
Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions,
DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).

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