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Ohhh!!!!!! Corona is spreading…….ohhh!!!!!! During Unlock varied restrictions have been announced…….Now what about…..My job??…My Business??…My school???……..ohhh no housemaids!!!!! And so on….are the reactions of people after the outbreak of Corona Virus. People were puzzled and stressed out by the new changes in their lifestyles. These hindrances affected people a lot as they were not used to it. Staying optimistic and positive is a challenging time not only for common people but also for those who usually look super active and sunniest.

While following the social distancing and self-quarantine and experiencing the fear of loss of job, uncertainty about future it is very tiring to put efforts to remain mindful and calm. Various previous research and studies brought a perfect correlation between health and optimism. It can be seen that the people that are optimist live a happier life as compared to the pessimists. Although the present conditions are difficult and pressurizing us from many dimensions we must remember to make ourselves happy since the time is moving constantly. If these times are tiring, coming times will for sure overcome the problems of today.

In today’s times of pandemic atmosphere one must totally focus on his own health may it be physical, mental or emotional. Being constructive and positive we can sail progressively and undefeated through this period. To maintain the overall health, some steps to be taken are:

A positive start to the day

It is firmly believed that a good start to a day can lead you through the day comfortably and calmly. After getting up spend some time with yourself and smile instead of reaching out for the phone and check up on the social media accounts or the news. The impact of this small and simple act to smile will be significantly powerful. Doing meditation while getting up will add to the charge you would be able to feel for the whole day.

Have a grateful heart

Although the pandemic is on the rise and the life cannot be led as one used to lead but getting up on a comfortable bed in a cozy room, having a fulfilling breakfast and food are the things that one must be grateful to God Almighty. The small necessities that are significant for us like having a home, a family, food on the table are the things that we are able to have even during these tough times, but there are people that are not even able to possess these basic amenities. So while starting off the day one must thank that unseen Power and be really grateful for what all he has.

Daily exercise

Any sort of exercise for at least half an hour daily is a must for everyone, as in a healthy body resides a healthy soul. As it is not possible to go out of the homes for a walk or to a gym or to any health club, efforts should be made to exercise at home. It can be yoga, aerobic or zumba. It will make you energetic and fill you with vigor giving you the inner strength to move through this period with success. As this pandemic has to end someday and then you will need a perfect health to move at a double pace to cover up the losses incurred during these times.

Don’t rush

Slow your pace down in every sense involving the evaluation of the information received through family, friends or social media. The isolation from the society can be made use of to become cool and stop concerning over menial things. When you slow down your pace of thoughts, lower their volume & do meditation only then will you be able to listen to your inner voice.

Go digital

Becoming digital is the trend of the day. Even though we have to follow social distancing norms there is no need to remain cut off from the world, especially when the whole world is going online. The best advantage of the communication technology is the internet that makes one accessible to video calls, group chats, virtual concerts and even the virtual classrooms. Just use this time to get connected with the friends you have lost contact with, join some online course to become constructive or to nurture your hobbies or join any virtual concert.

Laugh more

In order to enhance positivity and to get benefitted through a more optimistic disposition being humorous and laughing it out are the most required things that one needs to be done. Being all gloomy with a sad expression can do no good. Laughter acts as a medicine to improve your blood circulation & lower the stress. More so, it also strengthens the immune system and relieves the pain.

Avoid negative interactions and stressful conversations

Present conditions are so worse that getting involved in a stressful interaction can only bring pain for us and result into pessimism, fright, distress and insecurity. Avoid listening to news frequently and obsessing to receive all the updates and information about the latest developments regarding the pandemic. The importance of the news cannot be ignored but maintaining a healthy balance between the daily routine and the degree of news intake can enable us to feel the sense of being normal and keep a control and safeguard the mental health.

Hope feels the intangible and sees the invisible. One`s belief  must be strong whether it is concerned with humanity, science and technology, health care professionals, perseverance, self power to overcome any obstacle, spirit of never giving up and above all the time that is ever changing and bringing something new each and every second. It is the time that will bring the permanent solution towards the healing for the problems created by the outbreak of the virus.

The positivity gives birth to hope and hope in turn blooms into happiness and content. These are the unique times to slow down your pace and respect your mental and emotional desires. In this way, one would be able to generate the necessary space to acquire the degree of productivity desired by you. Regard the present time to have a deeper meaning as to what you wanted to do. So be optimistic and wish for better time to arrive soon. One must remember that the time is still moving constantly and it will for sure bring us near to a healthier and a happier world.

Ashwini Bhat

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