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True spiritual saints are the fountainhead of all knowledge.

All knowledge emanates from God and true masters are forever in communion, there is no sphere of human activity where they cannot guide ordinary mortals.

The world today is awash with children going berserk and the parents increasingly clueless on how to handle them.

But the monthly spiritual congregation in Sirsa brought forth a new gift from His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. His holiness spoke about how the values that are quintessentially missing can be instilled in the coming generations. Saying Truth brings you a series of excerpts from His pious utterances on this topic.

Make the child rough and tough

Once your child starts to walk, clutching your fingers, trying to get up and fall in process then you must take care, of not to be overprotective but make him rough and tough. Umpteen numbers of time, you give undue & extra care to the child, that he becomes weak and sensitive, which makes him vulnerable to diseases & being over dependent.

If child falls down, instead of pampering him & saying , “Oh what happened!”, instead of getting so much anxious, you tell the child, “Son, nothing has happened. You are brave, a fighter, & strong enough to overcome this small fall.”
If you tell this to the child, he will become strong and healthy. He will become more confident.

Never instill fear in the child

You should never instill fear in the child to make him follow your instructions, like I will lock you in the room. If you learn how to convey stern & uncompromising message with eyes to your child, he will understand & refrain himself from falling into the trap of bad habits. Many times the child demands and you fulfill even unjustified demands out of fear that he will start crying if you don’t give in.

By accepting his unjustified demands you are instilling wrong values in the child. If the child makes some wrong demands don’t pay any attention to it, but always remember that you never beat the child. If you don’t accept his wrong demand, he will cry once, twice, but the third time he will understand & will not make that unjust demand again.

Massage is good

Guruji said that it is natural for children to fall & get dirty while learning how to take those initial baby steps, but it is necessary to give the child a good bath after he has walked & accumulated dust. But don’t rub the child so much that his skin peels off. In the old times, the people used to make the child bathe in curds.

The curds are the same today, but may be you will not like it. Hair of the child used to be massaged by good oil. Mustard oil is good, even Olive oil and almond oil are good options. If there is no oil available you can massage with dry hand also. This will help to open the skin pores & strengthen the roots of hair and the child will become healthy.
(To be continued…)

Dr T.N. Chugh Sirsa

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