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Working Mother and life balance Being a Mother is the blissful thing for a lady. They say a lady completes her identity when she becomes a Mother.

And on the same notes, we all know that it is the pleasant most relation in all of our lives. A Mother is the one, whose tender touch itself can heal not only physical but mental wounds too.

Such a wonderful relationship is, of a Mother and a child. But with times, things have changed; obviously not the pious feelings of a Mother; but her responsibilities and look out towards these responsibilities.

Today is the time when it is mandatory for both, husband and wife to earn. But somehow due to our social set up the responsibility of managing the home still lies with woman. The lady of the house who apart from being a professional outside, is a Mother at home, a cook and a home maker too. Mostly it is her duty to even take care of the homework of the ward. Right from bathing the kid, to taking care of food of family, to managing herself, to working, a lady does it all.

But obviously at the end of day, we all have only 24 hours. And for a lady these hours get divided further into different roles of a wife, Mother and an individual. The pressure increases because of this. The work and life imbalance also comes. Depression comes. So basically, slowly-slowly it may become invitation to problems, and the only given option is to live an imbalanced paralytic life.

The woman mostly faces it all. The facts are alarming that nearly 65% females go through the post partum depression, which is really a concern of worry. This depression is a trendy problem that has started taking roots in recent past. The sole reason is that women are mostly working before pregnancy or delivery.

During this tenure either because of health reasons or post delivery relief, they have to sit at home and they get cut from their routine life, and that is what ultimately dumps them into the pit of feeling lonely or disturbed. Also the trend of nuclear families has given birth to number of problems.

For the couples staying away from joint families, the big question is, if at all they deliver the kid, who will look after the issue ? Is it safe or advisable to put them at creche? How to bring overall development to the kid, because ultimately the touch of relations matter. Else the society is already dealing with the consequences of the social isolation problem developed in youngsters.

Also on the other hand, many western countries, specially the live example of UK, states that this feeling of dilemma of giving birth to a child, with regard to responsibilities thereby, people adopted childless lifestyle. And the end result is, these countries are facing a spoiled demographic phase, where the young generation is nearly missing. There are resources, possibilities and opportunities of abundant production, jobs but there are very few to consume it all.

Coming back to our topic, when it comes to working Mother, the question remains equally fierce. Making balance with work life, family life and grooming of kids, many of them prefer creches. But to most of them it amounts to guilt, that are they doing right, putting the kid to creche, away from Mothers’ care for said number of hours? But the answer is never available because going out to earn is also of equal importance.
The viscous circle never breaks this way.

Effects of this are many; positive and negative too

  1. The Mother is always over loaded with responsibilities at different ends, because of her work life which is now mandatory.
  2. The emotional vacuum comes in kids, filling which is difficult; and ignoring sometimes leads to disastrous behavioral disorders.
  3. The time crunch bring some sour touch to parent-kid relationship as well, and which has made child psychology a hot cake for psychiatrists to practice.
  4. Obviously with added responsibilities, the time a Mother spends on different facets reduces. Children are mostly victim of this time crunch.

If parents ignore this for a long time then it takes the kids to isolation which drives them to wrong doings. So at last we must understand that till we learn to pat strongly on the wall of this vicious circle and come out of it boldly via some solution, we would not find a solution to it.

The society in totality needs to understand that the overload on females needs to be reduced and the social scenario needs to be modified, else the condition will become paralytic either at part of Mothers or at part of kids.

Male members in the family also need to share the household responsibilities equally. It sounds odd to us but the western culture that we follow, also portrays the male members, equal participant in family responsibilities.

It’s a time to change; the risk alert is strong.

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