Top in the Examination

Exam Tips and Tricks | Top in the Examination

  1. Let examination be not a fear for the students. Take the examination with confidence.
  2. Develops strong will power to secure a high rank.
  3. Keep cool and comfortable before and during the examination. But don’t show slackness or become idle at any moment.
  4. Carefully, fill in all the particulars before the commencement of the examination.
  5. Start the attempt with prayer to the spiritual master to stay cool exact and courageous. throughout.
  6. Go through the question paper and place the sequence of attempt.
  7. Attempt the first question which can impress upon the examiner through its content and expressions.
  8. Attempt the required number of questions within specified time limit (Sparing about ten mins for revisions).
  9. Answer each question with definite order of events (to the points).
  10. Underline the important headings and points of notice.
  11. Illustrate the answers with suitable examples, diagrams, graphs, maps, tables, flowcharts, histogram etc., where necessary
  12. Leave some space after each question or a part thereof or important sub headings.
  13. Try to start the new question from a new page (if possible).
  14. Impressive beginning and the conclusions of the question is always rewarding.
  15. To secure meritorious position include:
  • (a) Quotation from original Authors
  • (b) Labeled diagrams
  • (c) Brief illustrations
  • (d) Latest findings
  • (e) Critical analysis
  • (f) Befitting conclusions
  1. The time of revision can be utilized to supplement the information provided, correcting errors, underlining the important aspects of answers etc.
  2. In case any question is difficult, one can go in for part attempt instead of leaving all unattempted.
  3. If sufficient time is left, over-attempt can also be tried (particularly, if there are doubts about answers).
  4. In case of multiple choice questions, either answers through direct selections of right choice or through rejections of right choice.
  5. Attempt all multiple choice questions if there is no negative marking, but in case of negative marking for the wrong answers, be particulars in the selections of questions (overall attempt should be above 80% of the total).
  6. In case where the answers have to be limited within 50,100 or 300 words, a grace of 10% words can be utilized on either side.
  7. Do not try to irritate the examiner. The examiner gets annoyed through
  • (a) Illegible handwriting
  • (b) Many cuttings or over writings
  • (c) Unwanted long questions
  • (d) Un-necessary blank spaces
  • (e) Many grammatical errors
  • (f) Answers without points, underlined
  • (g) Without diagrams, tables, maps etc
  • (h) Requesting for undue favour
  • (i) Disclosing identity
  • (j) Convinced of copied answers
  • (k) Repetition
  • (l) Trying to befool the examiner
  • 23. Use of unfair mean be never thought of.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan, Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa.

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