Industrial and Organizational Psychology Offers a Good Career

Organizational Behaviour

Now the days have passed when people use to search for a government job, and it was easy to get them. Born and brought up in the same city, getting educated there and finally getting placed also, was very easy.

Now the scene has changed altogether

After doing 12th,  you cannot say where your children will shift for higher studies.

After studies the competition is so tough, that everything is uncertain. Job shifting culture has made the workers a little bit insecure.

This insecurity sometimes results in non-cordial relations. When the employee enters in an organization, it becomes his/her home because most of the time you are in the organization.

Mutual healthy relations take the organization at a high place and at the same time, the workers also enjoy the work of the institute and are saved of so many uncalled problems like tension, depression, ego problem, and being jealous.

All these problems shadow the personality of the employees, and as a result the prestige and reliability of the Institute goes down.  It harms both.

First of all before joining an organization, try to have the thorough knowledge of the organization. The salary does not matter much, if you have good surroundings, healthy work atmosphere. You should join the organization with the commitment to yourself that you will go a long way with the organization. Try to please the boss with your work, and the subordinates with your behavior.

From the 1st day of your job, try to maintain a daily diary.  I have served for more than 46 years of service, and I have maintained the daily diary from the seventies, to date. This helps you to knit a close relation with the organization you work.  You do homework for the next day presentation.

Every line and word reminds you about the culture of the organization and you can study others’ behavior as well. This helps to put you in presentable position with crystal clear solutions to the problems you and your colleagues are facing.

Cordial Relations

Mutual cordial relations, inter-department meetings are some of the ways by which you can get the full knowledge of all other departments also.  Exchange of views solves so many problems then and there. We used to hear “Meeting and Eating”. This sentence of seventies has proved its meaning lately in these years.

When you meet, you discuss and try to get solutions with mutual consent, and at the same time in between the meeting, eating helps us to knit some personal relations also.  Some solutions of outing may come out during that eating which refreshes the employees.


In your probation period, you must cultivate the habit of patience.  Patience helps you to have a thorough study of the organization and its employees.  When you react impatiently, you are deprived of so many things. You are deprived of the solutions to so many problems. Your questions are unanswered.

Whereas if you hear patiently, review it in your mind and then react, you may have the chances of getting solid solutions and the suggestions you never dreamt of.

Today we have the culture of advice of Counselors.

When we come across of some problems which are beyond our control, and it seems that something should be done to make the Institute atmosphere healthy, we must go for that also.

With the expansion of the work circle of professional and industrial organizations, the psycho problems of the workers are also increasing. In this situation opting for Industrial and Organizational Psychology as a career can be a good option

What is the work?

We can call Industrial and Organizational Psychology as I.O. The Psychology, Work Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Personal Psychology also fall in this category. The persons related to this job have to understand the psychology of the workers and give them right advice.

The main work of the Industrial-Organizational Psychologist is to understand in depth the problems, behavior related problems and to help the workers to remove the problems.  These psychologists help the workers to keep the Institute healthy.

They do research in the institute, collect the data and review it and after reviewing they make behavioral changes in the employees so that both, the Institute and the worker is benefitted.  They also discuss with the top most officers and try to solve the problems. They prepare company’s aims and Strategy.

Personal Skill

The first and the most important quality is that you must have the instinct to understand your and others’ views. You must have the quality of sympathy. The I.O. Psychologist must have the quality of sensitivity in good sense. Good Communication skills will be an added quality to get success. The person related to this job should be a good listener because you cannot give good advice until you do not listen to the problems of the other person.

When to Do the Course

You can opt for psychology subject in 12th Class. After 12th you can do graduation with psychology as a subject. After Bachelors degree, you can do Masters in Psychology or M.Sc. with Psychology. There are some Institutes in India which conduct courses in Psychology. For specialization you can do M.Phil or Ph.D.  For this one must have the PG with Psychology. Now Diploma in Psychology and PG Diploma in Psychology are also available. It is of one year duration.

Field of Work

The work area of the Psychologists is vast.  They work in different Institutes and try to improve the productivity. They are also appointed to train the workers.  Many psychologists also do research in different organizations. They can start their own consultancy or Management Counseling Firm.

How Much You Earn

In this profession you have to start with low salary. Your salary shall increase with experience thereby. In some Schools, Colleges or NGOs you can get yearly package of 1.5 to 2.0 lakhs. You can get a little higher in the corporate sector. In private practice you can earn more.

There is no harm in taking the advice of such counselors. The main aim is that the Organization should work as a team with motivation and spirit.



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