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In the present times, the problem which the youth is suffering from, it is unemployment.

In reality, the problem of unemployment has surrounded the common youth to such an extent that disappointments and frustrations have taken birth in their minds.

Every Year, there is a deluge that keeps coming in lacs of numbers of the common youth in our country from different universities in the form of educated degrees of graduates and post-graduates, but the deluge of these educated youth is not being controlled, because of which, the serious problem of unemployment is becoming more horrible.

If you pay attention to the reasons of this problem of unemployment, then one reason is the mentality of the youth themselves because, today, the youth after becoming educated is found to be interested in government jobs and lacs of youth loose the important years of their lives without being much productive.

Is this appropriate? The need is of the fact that the youth should pay attention to the establishing of their own industries but here, the question arises that the wealthy class of youth may have the resources to establish new industries but how can the middle class and lower class youth establish the industries due to the lack of money? After getting due training, the middle class and lower class youth may become capable of establishing the small scale industries. In general, after obtaining the degree of graduation, the expenses that he does in runaround of getting a government job, in four to five years, a small scale industry can be established, with that.

For establishing an industry, there are many programs being run by the central and state governments under which, the facility of loans is provided.

In this field, almost all the government banks are working which provide loans on easy installments of returning the loans on ordained conditions, to the industrialists. Now the question arises as to which industry should be established so as to obtain maximum profits? The answer to this problem can be that on the basis of money capacity, the capacity of the small industry will have to be ensured.

Before establishing the small industry, this is also required of the new industrialist that what is the demand of the product in the market which he is going to produce? The technical knowhow related to that product and full knowledge of the process may be obtained from the small industry office of the district.

The small industrialist has the need to take care that the industry that he is going to establish, the availability of raw material related to that, the trend towards the particular business and how can he maintain the quality of the production. After deciding about the type of industry, the place where to establish his industry, should also be kept in mind.

It is an extremely important step to select the place of the establishing of the small industry. Virtually, in selection of the place related to establishing of industry, the market possibility of the product being produced by oneself, the industrial atmosphere available in this area, the interest of the people of the area etc. things are required to be taken care of.

After selecting the place, the availability of the raw material for the product being produced, propensity of the market etc. are also required to be taken care of. The place should be such that where not only the raw material for the product being produced is easily available but also the market is also nearby for the concerned product.

As such, in the selection of the place of small industry, the new industrialist should take the help of the industry directorate or state industrial development corporation by contacting them. The establishing of small industry is more appropriate in an industrial area because there, not only electricity, water etc. facilities are available but also the availability of raw material, facility of transportation etc. are also easily available.

For the establishing of small industry, many times, one faces the difficulty of availability of working capital. Therefore, one should not miss the advantage of the facility of the loans on easy conditions and at very less interest of the different government schemes. Generally, from the office of the district industry officer of the district, for the small industries, under the government act, one gets help in getting the loans.

To run the small industry, the facility of training is generally available in every district. Therefore, the persons who are interested in establishing the small industry, they are benefitted in getting the training in this context. During the training, office management, factory organization, market arrangement, employee management etc.

are told. For the facility of training, parallel to the industry service institute or extension centre of the concerned area, may be contacted. Virtually, by awakening your will power, for establishing of the small industry, by getting inspired, the work of establishing the small industry is not difficult, at all.

With courage, understanding and by obtaining appropriate training, the small industry started will bear the appropriate fruits. At present, for protection against the unemployment, the establishment of small industry is undoubtedly a very intelligent work as this not only arranges for employment for the self but also for many other persons.

For making the country and family prosperous, it is deeply required that one should not waste time in searching a job and establish an industry.


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