125TH Holy INCARNATION DAY (FULL MOON Day of Kartik) Rev.Shah Mastana Ji Came Tody Lovely-Lovely!

bhandara-1Special on 14 November
Most Revered Saint Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, sowed this garden in the form of Dera Saccha Sauda, and made thousands of souls cherish the divine elixir thereby immortalizing them and ensuring their safe stay in the Eternal Abode.

The sacred day of Full Moon of Kartik is very pure day for Dera Sacha Sauda, since on this day only the Master of both the worlds, Most Revered Shah Mastana Ji came to this world to emancipate the souls. His Majesty hailed from the village Kotra, tehsil Gandhey, Kulait estate Baluchistan (now in Pakistan).

His Father’s name was Respected Shri Pilla Mal Ji and Mother’s name was Tulsa Bai. He belonged to Khatri Dynasty. His parents had four daughters and no son. Hence with a wish for a son, they met so many saints. On seeing the faithful service, and true wish one saint said (Because that Saint was the true follower of Allah and God and was a very highly qualified Saint) that you will surely get a son, but that son will be of no use to you. If you agree to this then tell me.

And due to the sacred prayers of that Saint, the sacred wish of the parents was fulfilled. God-Himself in the form of Rev. Mastana Ji took birth on the full moon day of Kartik in 1891 and came to this earth. The parents danced with joy on seeing the small kid who was beautiful like moon, peaceful and full of tranquility, glowing face, glittering forehead, with the light of the sun, and beautiful image of God. The respected parents were very happy as God has taken birth in their family as the successor.

And this sacred news spread in the whole estate within seconds. On receiving the good news the crowd of the estate started pouring in the house of revered father Pillamal, to have the sacred glimpse of God-Himself. Whosoever saw that beautiful face of the boy, used to return thanking God Almighty. The parents were so happy and made celebrations on the incarnation of God’s Radiance.

The poor were given food and clothes, and sweets were distributed amongst them. The respected parents christened Him as “Khema Mal”, but when He came into contact with Revered Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, Rev. Shwan Shah Ji named Him as ‘Shah Mastana on seeing His true intoxication for God”. Feeling for Service: From the childhood You had the inclination of serving saints. One day You had taken one big tray of sweets to sell. On the way you sat down and forgot all, while listening the discussions of Almighty God.

Out of feelings You offered some sweets to that saint. The sweet was so delicious and unique that the Saint showed interest to eat some more.
You went on giving the sweets and the the saint went on eating . Slowly and slowly the saint ate all the sweets and He said that You would become the King of both the worlds and suddenly disappeared. The tray was empty and no money, not even a single paisa came out of selling.

Rev. Master thought that if return empty hand the mother would be angry. So You worked in the field of a landlord. Your age was then 9-10 years. In this small age, doing so much hard work and that too with full devotion, the landlord also thought that this Boy is not an ordinary boy but a special soul. When he asked You, You unrevealed the whole story. Then he took You to Your mother and narrated the whole incidence.

When Your mother came to know that You have worked so hard the whole day and thus brought 10 to 15 kg of cereals, she got emotional. When You grew a little older, You opened a sweet shop in Your house itself. The sweets prepared with Your hands used to be so delicious that it became popular far and near.

But when any saints used to come to the shop You offered the sweets to them free of cost. The saints used to taste and eat the sweets and in return they used to give blessing to You. Real sympathy: When any poor or needy person used to meet You, You always persuaded him and help to the extent possible.

Once this happened. You went to a shop to buy something. There some other people (labourers) were requesting the shopkeeper to give the things on loan but the shopkeeper was reluctant to listen anything. On the other hand, he was abusing them badly. Though they were sharing their inability to pay, but the shopkeeper was a stone hearted person and he was not ready to take pity even on the requests of small kids.
They were hungry for the past many days. You got pity on their condition. You purchased things for them and returned home without buying anything. When Your mother heard all the matter, She was very happy. She gave some more money to buy the things.


You always remained in the worship and meditation of Almighty. So Your mother thought of tying you in the worldly attractions. Marriage ceremony was done for You. You were blessed with a son also. But the family attraction could not hold you long from being involved in the joy of Almighty God. You again started remaining in the worship and meditation of Almighty God.


You had built a small temple of God Satnarayan in Your home itself and used to worship the golden idol of Satnarayanji. You used to spend hours together in the worship of Almighty and meditation. After that You left everything and went away in search of Truth. After that You met a very high class saint. He said that the Almighty God Satnarayan is in Your heart.

If You want to see and experience Him, You should leave the external ostentation and should try to meet the perfect Spiritual Saint . You got satisfied with the idea of that saint. From that day onwards You left the rituals and went here and there in search of the Perfect Spiritual Saint. You visited almost all the pilgrimages of north India.

Whenever You used to meet any saint, You always discussed about the ways to meet Almighty God only. Everyone shared to the extent he had known, or through the methods of black magic, whatever he had known; but none was able to get You connected with God. This way in search of real Truth, You roamed for 9 years. At last You met Shah Sawan Shah Singh Ji Maharaj in Dera Beas.

You remained there for some days and heard the discourse. You were fully satisfied that Shah Sawan Singh Himself is Almighty God. At first sight itself You had taken revered Baba ji as Your Spiritual Guide and had offered Your life in the pious feet of Him.

This way, seeing Your will power, dedication, Revered Baba Sawan Singh ji Maharaj blessed You with His Name and limitless blessings. He shared that he has blessed You with the inner Guide that You should go to Baluchistan and glorify the Spiritual Guide. He said that He is giving You the kind of blessings, which shall do all needful. RECITING God’s Words in the Cave at Sirsa Most Rev. Shah Mastana Ji, in the presence of His spiritual Guide used to dance alone in the crowd of 70 thousand, (at that time there were 70 thousand followers of Adorable Sawan Shah Ji). You used to tie heavy bells on the waist and feet and without caring for the world, would so dance and sway that the whole of the atmosphere used to be colored with divine intoxication. Seeing Your true love and the real fervor of God, Revered Babaj ji used to be happy and shower the spiritual words on to You.

One such incidence is worth narrating. A spiritual congregation was going on. Rev. Shah Sawan Singh Ji was sitting on the stage. Shah Mastana Ji was dancing without any worldly care in the divine presence of remembering Almighty. Shah Sawan Ji Maharaj was also very happy and out of joy He was blessing with spiritual words. He said that Mastana I am giving You the never-ending treasure of both the worlds.

I am giving You the key to meet the Almighty. You can bless anyone. You can give gold, silver, son and daughter to anyone according to Your wish. I am giving you the status of a Perfect Spiritual Saint and giving You my own image too. You are slave to nobody. He said, go Mastana, You are made the king of ‘Bagad’. Saying Godly words Shah Sawanji came down from the stage and started roaming behind Shah Mastanaji just as a cow roams behind its calf. After some days with the permission of His Spiritual Master, You came to Sirsa and in Sirsa city You came to the old congregation hall, made a small hut there and started meditation and worship.

Though You did not want to be separated from Your esteemed Spiritual Master , but to go to Sirsa was also the order of Your Spiritual Guide. PERMISSION to ESTABLISH DERA AND Deliver Discourse While staying at Sirsa with the permission of Rev. Spiritual Master Shah Mastanaji used to recite God’s Words day and night.

During recitation You used to take very little food. You used to take the water of fried turnip or a little quantity of hotchpotch of rice and pulse or just a cup of tea during the day. Sometimes it used to happen that You did not take anything for days together. You did not come out for days together and if at all You would come out for a very short period, You used to come late at night when all were in deep sleep.

Once the devotees of Sirsa went to Beas to have vision of Baba Sawan Singh ji Maharaj. On this Baba Sawan Singh Ji told that devotees from Sirsa need not come to Beas. Baba told You should have vision of Rev Mastana Ji in Sirsa itself. He to is My image. But contrary to this, the devotees shared that Rev. Mastana Ji does not come out of the cave. If at all He comes out , He comes out late at night.

Baba Sawan Singh ji told that He Himself will come to Sirsa and assign the duty of Shah Mastana ji that He should meet the devotees and deliver spiritual discourse. One day Rev. Sawan Singh Ji came to Sirsa and entered the cave of Shah Mastana Ji. Mastanaji requested in His mother tongue “TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAVE YOURSELF”. Then Baba Sawan Singh Ji entered the cave and said Mastana, this a long lasting divine treasure which will never finish. Remember that for Bulochistan I had given You 50% spiritual power, for Punjab it is 75% and for ‘Bagad’ (an educationally and agriculturally backward area with head quarter at Sirsa) I have given you 125% power. From today responsibility of ‘Bagad’ lies with You.

GOT APPROVED THE SLOGAN: The holy slogan “DHAN DHAN SATGURU TERA HI ASRA” is the gift of Rev. Mastana Ji to the devotees which You got approved from Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. In the presence of His Spiritual Guide, He also used to recite the same slogan, ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra‘, Dhan Dhan Daata Sawan Shah Sai Nirankar Tera Hi Asra. You requested to Your Revered Guide Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, that ! Your order is worthy to follow, but We don’t want to run a new religion. We only want to say Dhan Dhan Satguru, Tera Hi Asra so that any person from any religion can opt for it and extend respect to his respective Spiritual Guide.

Hearing the words meant for welfare and confluence of all religious from Rev. Mastana Ji, Revered Babaji drowned in spiritual fervor and happiness and said, Good! Mastana Shah! as You wish! Go, Your Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra, shall work in both the worlds. This way Rev. Mastana Ji got approved the holy slogan, which is common for all. Similarly, in Dera Sacha Sauda, Rev. Dr. MSG Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan also says the same thing, “This pious slogan blessed by Revered Saint Mastana ji Maharaj and Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj is very powerful. This is a Godly blessing, that can even fetch back a person from the death. Hence it is an order for each devotee, that he should recite this slogan in full, ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’.

Rev. Mastana Ji Maharaj laid the foundation stone of Dera Sacha Sauda on April 29, 1948, and afaced the world with truth.

You showed the way to worship, with the simplest words and thus connected people with God by distributing gold, silver, diamonds etc. Your spiritual love and spiritual glow is still present in Revered Saint Dr. MSG and blessing people in abundance.

Today, Dera Sacha Sauda is gaining fame at global level. Crores of people are getting associated with this confluence of all religions and making their life successful. Millions of felicitations on this auspicious full moon day of Kartik!



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