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From ancient period in Egypt and China chromo therapy was used to solve many health problems.

Colours have non-wordily reaction powder. Every colour has its own importance. For example green means pleasant, red means danger, black means fearful and white means purity.

  Every colour has its scientific importance, which we call color logy or chemotherapy (treating through different colours).   Health experts say that this does not only affect the health and mood but affect the inner organs of the body.

How it Affect?

On seeing the colours a person reacts both mentally and physically.  Like the colours present in the nature, blue sky, green grass and colourful flowers make the person to react withhappiness. Like that the kids feel enthusiastic on seeing fast color fruits, candy and juice.  The expert says that human eyes have the capacity to identify seven million colours.  Let us know about some of the colours and their importance.


A person is immediately attracted on seeing this colour. This encourages neurons, sensory nerves and adrenal (endocrine) glands.  More to that blood circulation, will power, lessening the clotting and physical power is increased. According to health experts this helps in knitting close relations. It increases the hunger. That is why most of the restaurants are painted in red colour.  Interior experts also suggest that to get the dining room painted in red. The negative part of this colour is that it is responsible to increase anger.


It is very bright. So it attracts more. This colour helps in various physical activities like controlling bile-functions and functioning of the liver. This helps in releasing gastric juice which is necessary to regularize the bile function. At the same time it helps in increasing the brain activity. Coming in touch with this colour the brain becomes alert and it helps in decision making capacity. It increases the hunger because it is related with fresh mood behavior of a man.  It creates passion for food.


This colour is the mixture of red and yellow. Its nature is of warm welcome. So a man feels SAHAJ coming in touch with this colour. This is helpful for kidney, urinary tract and reproductive organs. More to that it increases the metabolism rate and helps the lungs and pancreas.


This colour minimizes the hunger. That is the reason that blue plate is advised for taking food under weight loss programme. It slows down the metabolism and kills your hunger. Never get this colour painted in the dining room.   It helps in minimizing the body temperature and pulse rate.  Your nature becomes cool. So, it is helpful in sleeping disease, migraine, throat infections, high blood pressure and skin related problems. The psychologists say that by painting the room with blue colour the communication skills and will power is increased.  Light blue colour is very helpful in hypertension and helps in concentration.  But it is not with dark blue colour.


Coming in contact with this colour, the brain becomes cool and you get a good sleep. The persons having the sleeping problem must get their bedroom painted with violet colour. This colour having high frequency radiations minimizes the danger of tumor. More to wish for eating again and again is also minimized with this colour. The study reveals that by painting this colour in the room a good atmosphere is built for concentration and leading spiritual life.


This colour is dedicated to nature. So the presence of this colour refreshes and gives soothing effect to brain and mind. For those persons who are always tension-prone, this colour can act as a remedy as it would help them create a balance in their emotional-level. This has a close link with heart. So it maintains an appropriate atmosphere for love, forgiveness, trust and sympathy. You are able to attach yourself emotionally with the family. The students get increased concentration and remembering power with this colour.


This colour has the pain relieving power. That is why the hospitals are always painted in white colour and the workers and doctors also wear white dresses. The presence of this colour gives you the feeling of independence.

But excess of white colour brings the headache problem also because by this there is PARAVARTAN of light.  Every colour releases the radiation and has different effects on the body power in different ways.


This is very effective for the lymph system which is actually the part of resistance power.  This secures the body from outer infections.

Every colour has its own importance.

Colour Therapy

In the recent past, Dr. Narang used to give colour therapy treatment in the Rouse Avenue area of New Delhi. He used to call Green water, brown water, green sugar, brown sugar. We all used to laugh at him. Why you are saying brown sugar.  It is a drug which is banned.  He used to say no.  Sugar kept in brown bottle and kept in the sun for 40 days becomes a medicine which is very good for digestion.

According to him water put in green bottle for 8 hours in the sun is the best anima in the morning.  Take a cup of this water and you will rush to the toilet and in seconds you will get fresh.  It should be taken empty stomach.

Brown bottle water taken 15 minutes before the lunch increases the hunger.  At the same time one spoon of sugar kept in brown bottle will digest you food easily.

Dr. Narang in one of his lecture said that a person who became violent came to him with his parents.  Dr. Narang advised his parents to continue with the medicines and counseling of the doctor.  But he said that to get relief soon, they must get his room painted with sky blue colour.  Give water whenever required. But it should be prepared in blue bottle.  Put the coconut oil in blue bottle and daily do massage on the head.  To get more quicker results and if the person becomes more arrogant, put blue glass colour goggles on his eyes.

We were shown the patient. After 15 days of this practice he was quite normal. The medicine, counseling and the colour therapy worked a wonder.



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