When A Small Doggy Comes to Your Home

Canine Care

If there is a small doggy in the home, all remain happy. For small kids sometime the doggy is a toy or sometime a friend. These dogs not only give recreation and happiness, but the doggies are the best guard for your family from the point of view of security.

It is said that doggies take the problem of its owner on their lives but save the owner from all coming problems. The doggies have the special sense power. The doggies smell the future and save the owner from the problems.

But it is very necessary to take care of some things before bringing the doggy at home so that it mingles with the family members soon.

It is very necessary to choose a space for the doggy where it feels comfortable and secure.

Whenever a lovely doggy is brought in the home, the first question arises where to make its little shelter. Generally we bring home the doggy of one or two months of age. To get adjusted, leaving its mother, is very difficult. Like that your child goes away for study to school at distant place. In the new atmosphere doggy start considering the person as its parents. It is very necessary to keep it at a place where it considers itself secure.  To get mixed up with the family members, the choice of the place is very necessary.

Some suggestions from the desk of the Veterinary doctor:

  • Only bringing doggy at home is not enough. Its care has to be taken as of the small kid.  So take full care of trimming of the hair and its bath time.
  • You can get the plywood or wood box for the doggy. Put blanket or thick cloth sheet under the doggy.
  • When the teeth of the doggy come out and it do not chew or cut, you can put a cotton bed also.
  • When you put the doggy in the box, see to it that it is not painted from the inner side. If the paint is there doggy can lick it, which can be very dangerous.
  • In summer keep a bowl of water near to the doggy so that its need can be fulfilled. See to it that the bowl should not be of aluminum matter.
  • If the doggy has lengthy hair, keep deep bowl.
  • If you are having a big size doggy, it would be better that even small, but a separate room should be for the doggy.
  • When going for a morning walk, do not forget to take the doggy with you. Also train the doggy for exercise.  It will be healthy.  Morning walk is the best option.
  • In summer, doggy also needs sunscreen as you need. You may be surprised.  By putting sunburn you can make the doggy safe from sunburn.  Due to sunburn, doggy can complain of pain, peeling and even skin cancer also.  From morning 11 to 4 p.m., do not let the doggy go in sun.
  • Whenever you take the doggy in the sun before that massage on its ears, lips and nose. This will lessen the chances of heat stroke.
  • For saving the doggy from summer heat, keep some sweat soaking clothes around the doggy. Also keep these type of clothes under the doggy.  It will balance the temperature of the doggy.  Bulldog cannot bear the heat.  Take special care for it.
  • In this season take special care of the heat stroke. Watch carefully the activities of the doggy. Roaring, anger, do not obey to your suggestions, fast heart beating, vomiting and unconsciousness are signs of heat stroke. High fever are the symptoms which give the message to get the doggy immediately for check up. These are the symptoms of heat stroke. If it is heat stroke, immediately take the doggy to the veterinary doctor. In the meantime, to get the temperature down, keep wet towel on the body.

In Winter

  • It is generally the feeling of the people that dogs do not feel cold. Doggies have much heat in its body.  No in the winter, you must tie a cloth designed for it.  It should be tied on the body.
  • Take the doggy and have sun bath(up to eight am only) not after that. It will help to have the doggy refresh its muscles.
  • In case of severe cold, put a low power heater in the room.  It is to be noted that it should be very far from its reach.  It should be only to make the room temperature normal and not more than that.
  • Do not use hot water for bath, but see to it that the doggy should be bathed in the sun.

Take Care of the Food

In daily diet of the doggy protein, carbohydrates, fat and energy products should be there. Daily 20-22 % protein is needed for its development, muscular generation development, metabolism and immunity from diseases.  Carbohydrate is also the best source of energy supply to the doggy.

More to giving energy, it helps to digest the fat and control the protein metabolism and for muscle stress. Add 5 to 9% fat should also be in the diet.  According to the experts the composition of the diet should be such that protein (20-22%) fat (4 to 5%) fibre (5.0%), calcium (0.5%) and phosphorus (0.44%).

The information regarding the doggies is that upto the 17th century Pamerian doggies became the status symbol of Royal families. The average life-span of Pamerian doggies is 12-16 years. These dogs mainly belong to North West Poland. The doggies can be of any breed, if taken care of well it can be an asset for you.  The dogs play the role of a faithful family member.

In the films also we have seen that when all the family members leave, it is the doggy, which remain till the last breath of the owner.  It sometimes play the role of a doctor, friend, family member and what not?

So when bring home the doggy, think that you are bringing a kid to home.  You take care of it and it will be your best friend till its last breath.



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