Don’t Take Away Anyone’s Right

It is the custom of this world that the stomach of those who snatch and eat is never satisfied, their hunger keeps increasing day by day like the mouth of Surasa. Everything gets included in it. On the contrary, those who eat together and share never sleep hungry by the grace of God. One can find many selfless people walking shoulder to shoulder with them every day.

Those who snatch are always dissatisfied during their lifetime. The reason for this is their greedy attitude. People with such mentality do not want to do anything themselves but snatch whatever they like from others, they do things like corruption, bribery, looting etc. Those who want to enjoy the wealth earned through the hard work of others are said to be the enemies of society.

No matter how much money these people collect or assemble means of comfort & luxury, their hearts do not become rich. They remain poor at heart because their wanderings never end. People may get influenced by their superficial glow, but when their reality comes to the fore, they do not take time to distance themselves from them and at that time they correct their mistake.

The children of these people also do not feel the need to achieve anything by struggling in life. They misuse the ill-gotten wealth and spend it unwisely. The wise people say – Wealth earned through dishonest means makes people crazy. This statement is proved by their behavior itself. That’s why there is no prosperity in their money. Money is earned & spent in no time

If they help someone or donate some money, the selfish desire to be praised dominates their mind. Their only objective is to promote themselves.

 On the contrary, those who share & eat together do not desire any name or fame. They do not run after all these trivial material titles rather these materialistic titles follow them like slaves. This is the only difference between the two types of people.

Those who always remove the suffering of others can`t be categorized as ordinary people. Those people are special in themselves. They do not worry about themselves they remain busy in wishing for others as much as possible. God never leaves any kinds of shortage in the treasures of those who share & eat together. Even if they ever lack any item, they don’t even realize it and that item comes to them on its own under some other pretext which they had never even imagined. The reason behind this is the willpower and selfless spirit of those great men, as a result of which God always blesses them.

No work of such people ever gets stuck. Many people who support their good deeds get ready to walk shoulder to shoulder with them. In this way they become the ones with hundreds and thousands of hands.

As far as possible, one should try to become one who eats by sharing with others instead of becoming alone by snatching others. We all always encourage our children to eat only by sharing with friends. This means that it is good to do so. Therefore, we should also follow this habit.


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