Birth Anniversary of Revered Saint Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj - January 25th - Sachi Shiksha

The incarnation of the Perfect Spiritual Saints is always a pleasurable experience. Following the holy order of God Almighty, the Perfect Spiritual Saints incarnate in this world for the emancipation of the souls. According to spiritual philosophy, the incarnation of the Perfect Spiritual Saint is in consonance with the wish of God Almighty.

Looking outwardly, the Perfect Spiritual Saint appears to be an ordinary human being but inwardly He is the real replica of God-Himself & only a blessed person can identify His personality. The Perfect Spiritual Saint never discloses His real identity before anyone. Just as a blind person cannot identify a person until the person makes the blind man realize his presence, the same thing is applicable with regard to the Perfect Spiritual Saint and an ordinary human being.

Let us understand it through an example. There is a lunatic asylum where lunatics come & live there for treatment. But the specialist doctors also come & live there to treat the lunatics. Both the lunatics and the doctors live in the same hospital. Accordingly the Perfect Spiritual Saint moves about in this materialistic world so as to bring on the right track the people who are mad due to the evil-mind, illusion & lust.

Let us take another instance to clarify this point more thoroughly. Peter King went to the Netherlands to bring back the people who had been expelled from their country, Russia, on the pretext of learning the work of shipping where they worked as labourers. The king also took the form of a labourer like them.

The king should glorify his country, talk to them about his country. Hearing this, they also expressed their desire to go back to their own country but they told that they had been expelled from their country. At this, the king assured them that the king was a close friend of mine. I am sure he will listen to me & allow you to be there. Those who believed his words walked with him & those who did not believe that he is a labourer like us, how could he befriend the king, they remained there engrossed in these things.

The king entered his capital, every one should welcome him. Seeing the warm welcome and respect extended towards the king, the labourers felt encouraged that this person could be a close friend of the king. When the king seated on the throne in front, the labourers thanked the king a lot for being a labourer like us so as to bring us back. The heart was filled with detachment & gratitude that what we knew is our king himself. This is the same situation between materialistic human beings & the Perfect Spiritual Saint.

Those who trust the Perfect Spiritual Saint & conduct accordingly, the Perfect Spiritual Saint takes them to the Eternal Abode. It is a matter of putting firm faith in the words of the Perfect Spiritual Saint. Wearing the appearance of worldly people, the Perfect Spiritual Saint moves about in this world. He is the specialist doctor of the Eternal Abode who is capable of treating the people mad with the evil-mind & illusion; He removes the shackles of the evil-mind & illusion of the deserving persons & whosoever trusts in His words takes them to the Eternal Abode just as Peter king brought the labourers back to his native land.

Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj dedicated Himself to the cause of humanity.

In one of H is hymns, the Revered Param Pita Ji has written thus:

Will bring you back & do anything diligently,
Will redeem you from Negative Power doubtlessly.

According to the above mentioned example, the Revered Param Pita Ji worked day & night to teach the way to salvation to the worldly people without bothering about His comfort & health. Whether it is summer or winter, rain or thunder storm, for the welfare & emancipation of the people, the Revered Param Pita Ji kept flowing the ocean of His blessing, compassion & sympathy and it is still flowing as it is consecutively. Blessed are the people who are having the blessings & compassion from the Revered Param Pita Ji thereby getting extreme spiritual happiness.

 Glimpse of Sacred Life:

Most Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj hailed from the holy village Shri Jalalana Sahib, district Sirsa, Haryana. The name of His most Adorable Father was Sh. Waryam Singh Ji. The name of His Adorable Mother was Smt. Aas Kour Ji. His Adorable Grandfather Sardar Heera Singh Ji Sidhu was the Zaildar of the village. His Adorable Father was a big landlord (owner of immense land & property).

His Adorable Parents were very pious & religious minded. They used to serve the saints & the sages very sincerely. They used to keep engrossed in the worship of God. There was no shortage of any worldly things but the desire to have a child would torment the Adorable Parents all the time. All the villagers were aware of this family`s deep reverence for God Almighty, compassion for the afflicted, and they were sympathetic with this family.

In those days, a carefree & learned monk happened to visit the village Shri Jalalana Sahib. He was a true saint who used to motivate people to worship God. The Adorable Parents invited him to their home & welcome him from the core of their heart. He stayed in the village for a couple of days & during this period, he took the meals at the house of the Adorable Parents.

The Adorable Mother herself used to serve him the food. One day on having pleased, he proclaimed, “Dear Devotees! Your devotion to worship God & sense of hospitality are supreme. Your desire of having a child will be fulfilled definitely by God Almighty. A Supreme Divine Soul will take birth at your home. After a few days, the monk went to another village. By the extreme blessings of God & the best wishes of the monk, after a long gap of 18 years the much awaited wish of the Adorable Parents to have a child was finally fulfilled.

The most Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj incarnated on 25 January 1919. His Holiness was the only child of the parents. His Holiness belonged to Sidhu dynasty. The Adorable Parents named His Holiness as Sardar Harbans singh Ji. Later, Most Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj christened Sardar Harbans Singh Ji as Sardar Satnam Ji. As soon as this holy message reached the villagers & relatives, there ran a wave of happiness. Every living being- be it a human being or a creature- filled with pleasure.

The whole environment seemed to be singing sonorous tunes! The divine ecstasy prevailed everywhere. On the holy incarnation of the Adorable Spiritual Master, the Royal Family was congratulated by one & all. As per existing custom and tradition, platters full of jaggery, jaggery powder, home made local sweets & corn were distributed in the village. The poor bags were filled with grains. Every living being & every creature of the village thanked God Almighty for the holy incarnation of His holiness.

Sacred Childhood

On hearing the holy news of the holy incarnation of the Revered Param Pita Ji, the faqir also reached in the village & extended his best wishes to the Adorable Father Sardar Waryam Singh Ji. The monk revealed the fact that His Holiness (the Revered Spiritual Master) will stay with you for forty years only and after that the task entrusted by God, the work of serving humanity & granting salvation to the souls for which His Holiness has incarnated, will go to the Perfect Spiritual Master who has sent His holiness as your child. Coming events cast their shadows long before. Whosoever watches, just keep watching. The divine radiant face didn`t let the eyes move to other direction.

The water supplier who used to fill water in the house, when he was about to go back after filling the water one day, suddenly his eyes fell on the smiling face of the Revered Param Pita Ji lying in the cradle, he lost his consciousness & kept looking at the Revered Param Pita Ji without blinking his eyelids. Suddenly the Adorable Mother looked at that water supplier, why is he looking at my Son like this. He may be having an evil intention. She ran & took her Son in her lap. Seeing this affection of the Adorable Mother towards her Son, the water supplier smiled & said, “ Respected Mother, I was staring lovingly at your Son because I was having the glimpse of our spiritual leaders or revered incarnated personalities in His Holiness. Just then the adorable Mother put a black mark on His forehead & said, “My Son is also like other ordinary children. People say like this. Let Him remain safe from the evil eye.”


The Revered Param Pita Ji was an ocean of kindness since His childhood. This truth is widely known in the whole region. Whosoever – the poor or the needy – came at His doorstep, His Holiness never returned him empty. As per the time & the situation, His Holiness filled their bags with His compassion & benevolence according to their wishes. Once there was a drought in the area. Every one was helpless. In such a difficult time, the Royal Family came forward & helped every needy person.

In such a situation, a family came to the Adorable Mother to get some financial help. There were only a few days left for their daughter`s marriage. His Holiness was sitting beside the Adorable Mother, listening to the agony of their helplessness. His Holiness said to the Adorable Mother, “ Respected Mother, Please help them. Give them 150-200 rupees if they require 100 rupees, supposing that this is My own sister`s marriage.”

Giving food to the hungry & water to the thirsty may be taken as an ordinary thing but who does such a pious act. It is generally seen that many people rebuke any needy who comes to their door & don`t offer water but His Holiness didn`t remove any animal grazing in His own fields. Rather, even in His presence, if an animal entered the fields & was grazing the crop, His Holiness would never take it out.

This happened once when His Holiness was sitting under observation in the field. Every day a buffalo would come & start grazing the crop of gram. His Holiness would never remove it from there. The buffalo used to fill its stomach & sit beside His Holiness. This complaint was made to the Adorable Mother. Next day His Holiness patting the back of that buffalo said, “Dear Devotee! Now somebody has complained. Therefore, don’t graze the crop standing in one field, rather graze the crop while moving in different fields.” And all the villagers are a witness to the fact that after that day no one had seen that buffalo standing in a field & grazing the crop. In this way, there are lots of such examples of benevolence extended by the the Revered Param Pita Ji.

When His Holiness grew up, the scope of welfare activities was extended. His Holiness would participate actively in the public welfare works of the village. His Holiness was always on the fore front to extend His contribution towards humanitarian welfare works. His Holiness got the construction work of Shri Gurudwara Sahib of the village completed while extending maximum help.

Meeting with the Benevolent Spiritual Guide

By virtue of the sacred rites & values of the Adorable Mother, His Holiness was already associated with devotion to God. His Holiness used to recite five hymns from the Holy Granth Sahib in the morning & in the evening daily. His Holiness used to listen to the Holy Guruvani very attentively. His Holiness used to read repeatedly

“Dhur Ki Bani Aayee
Tin Sagli Chint Mitayee”

Divine Voice when blessed
All worries are vanished

And think about the Voice of God that removes all tensions & griefs.

His Holiness approached many sages & spiritual leaders, heard their sermons in order to recognize a Perfect Spiritual Guide. Whenever His Holiness met the sages and spiritual leaders, verified & tested them but the desired purpose of finding the way to Ultimate Truth was not fulfilled. His Holiness was constantly searching for the truth.

At the same time, His Holiness met the Most Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. From what His Holiness has heard about the Revered Sai Ji & Dera Sacha Sauda, after attending the spiritual congregation conducted by the Revered Sai ji & examining every truth, His Holiness devoted Himself solely to the Revered Sai Ji there & then.

The Ultimate Truth, His Holiness was looking for, was in the divine presence of the Revered Sai Ji. His Holiness was fully satisfied. His Holiness kept attending the spiritual congregation for three years & tried many a time to get initiated in to God`s Words but every time the Revered Sai Ji would say that His Holiness has not yet been commanded to be blessed with God`s Words. We will call out the name of His Holiness at the right time & bless with the God`s Words, till then keep attending the spiritual congregation. The Negative Power won`t call His Holiness. We Ourselves are responsible for His Holiness.

Foot-print of God-Himself

Once upon a time when the Revered Sai Ji went to the nearby village of Shri Jalalana Sahib. There the Revered Sai ji made a round circle from His holy stick addressing the accompanying volunteers, “Come here, We will show you the foot-print of God-Himself.” One of the volunteers (who knew that this is the foot-print of the Revered Param Pita Ji) said, ‘This is the footprint of Zaildar Harbans Singh Ji of Shri Jalalana Sahib.’ At this, the Revered Sai Ji, while striking the holy stick forcefully on the ground, replied, “ We don`t know any Zaildar. We only know that this is the footprint of God-Himself.”

Leader of the Living Spiritual Leader:

Most Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj conducted a spiritual congregation on March 14, 1954 at ‘Dera Sacha Sauda Anami Dham’ of village Ghunkawali. After the spiritual congregation, His Holiness was personally called by the Revered Sai ji. “It has been commanded to bless His Holiness with God`s Words today; come inside & sit near Our seat, We are just coming there.” When His Holiness went inside, a lot of seekers of God`s Words were sitting there & there was no place near the royal seat of the Revered Sai Ji. Therefore, his Holiness sat in the last of the God`s Words` seekers. The Revered Sai Ji came inside & called out the holy name of His Holiness & asked to sit near His royal seat. The Revered Sai Ji openly declared, “ His Holiness is being blessed with the God`s Words while making His Holiness sit near the royal seat since a very special & specific task is to be entrusted to His Holiness. His Holiness will be designated as the Living Spiritual Master & the duty of bestowing the God`s Words to the masses will also be entrusted to His Holiness.”

Strenuous Test:

The Revered Sai Ji started conducting test after test of His Holiness since the very first meeting. Following these spiritual tests, the Revered Sai Ji stayed at the Dera of Shri Jalalana Sahib for eighteen days. At the same time the Revered Sai Ji got the building of Gadrana Dera demolished & sometimes the building of Chormar Dera was also demolished. On one hand different buildings of different deras were being demolished, on the other hand it was ordered by the Revered Sai Ji that the building materials like wood, iron, doors, windows etc. be collected at Shri Jalalana Sahib.

The Revered Sai Ji put the duty of His Holiness to carry the debris of the building of Gadrana Dera. While the debris of the demolished buildings of different deras was being carried, the Ghunkawali volunteers were asked to take away the already collected debris. His Holiness was still busy in transporting the debris of the demolished building of Gadrana Dera, the Revered Sai ji started the reconstruction work of the Gadrana Dera.

An ordinary human being can`t understand this strange working of the Revered Spiritual Master. In fact, this divine working was a part of the strenuous test being conducted by the Revered Sai Ji. His Holiness has already devoted & dedicated Himself to the holy service of the Revered Sai Ji. Therefore, His Holiness sincerely obeyed the holy words of the Revered Sai Ji. In this way, after conducting different arduous exercises & tests and finding His Holiness fully eligible, the Revered Sai Ji declared, “We conducted tests of Sardar Satnam Singh Ji & didn’t let His Holiness (Sardar Satnam Singh Ji) know.”

Yet Another Arduous Test:

One day the Revered Sai ji ordered to demolish the mansion-like personal house of His holiness & bring the demolished & other related items of the mansion to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. Outwardly speaking, in worldly terms, it was a strenuous test but His Holiness didn`t care for the public prestige & obeyed every word of the Revered Sai Ji. Acting upon the holy order of the Revered Sai Ji, His Holiness broke His mansion with His own hands, carried many truck loads of the building material & household items to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa & placed in the presence of the Revered Sai Ji.

It was the day of the monthly spiritual congregation. At Saturday midnight, the Revered Sai Ji came out. Looking at the huge pile of the goods, the Revered Sai Ji said, “Whose goods is this? Take it out right now. If someone comes and asks, what will be the answer? Whosoever has the goods, take care of your belongings yourself.” It was cold winter & drizzle and cold waves were flowing from the above making the atmosphere extremely cold. His Holiness followed the holy orders of the Revered Sai Ji & spent the whole night in open guarding His luggage & enjoying the divine ecstasy. In the morning, His Holiness gave away all His belongings to the devotees & sat in the divine presence of the Revered Sai Ji.

Spiritual Successor to the Revered Sai Ji:

As per holy orders of the Revered Sai Ji, His Holiness was profusely decorated from top to toe with garlands of currency notes. His Holiness sat on a jeep & led a solemn procession throughout the city of Sirsa. Thousands of the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda participated in this procession. Every body was astonished to witness the splendid occasion & came to know that sardar Harbans Singh Ji of Shri Jalalana Sahib has been declared as the Spiritual Successor to the Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. On its return to Dera Sacha Sauda, the procession was welcomed on the road by the Revered Sai Ji Himself. The Revered Sai Ji declared publically, “From today, We have transformed Sardar Harbans Singh Ji from an individual self to Satnam-the Supreme Power, from an individual soul to God-Himself.

It is the same Satnam on whose support the whole universe is standing.” The royal stage was specially decorated. The Revered Sai Ji got constructed the Tera Vas( Sacred House) specially for Revered Shah Satnam singh Ji. The Revered Sai Ji called the Revered Param Pita Ji & enthroned on the royal stage along with Himself.

The Revered Sai Ji stated in the spiritual congregation

“ From today onwards, We have granted Sardar Satnam Singh Ji Our Own Form. This is the same Satnam whose holy name the people of the world kept reciting throughout their lives. By holy orders of the Revered Sawan Shah Sai Ji, we have brought Shah Satnam Ji from the abodes above & placed His Holiness before all of you. Whosoever chances to have His Vision even from the back will not go to the Hell. His Holiness will save him by virtue of His benevolence.”

As the second Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda

The Revered Param Pita Ji enthroned as the second Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda on February 28,1960. His Holiness granted immense love to the lacs of the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda for 30-31 years. By virtue of His extreme benevolence, the devotees are fully devoted & dedicated to the principles of Dera Sacha Sauda. The followers who used to be in hundreds have been increased to thousands to lacs.

By showering His great benevolence, His Holiness conducted thousands of spiritual congregations in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, U.P. etc. Today, the benevolence & the holy teachings of His Holiness is the topic of discussion in every house. His Holiness motivated 11 lac people to shun evil habits & blessed with the God`s Words thereby making them capable of having God`s vision. His Holiness composed hundreds of spiritual songs in a very simple language. Today, these hymns are the source of inspiration for the people to follow the holy teachings taught by His Holiness.

The Benevolence of the Revered Param Pita Ji:

 Most Revered Param Pita Ji enthroned the Most Revered Present Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan as the third Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda on September 23, 1990. This is the great benevolence of the Revered Param Pita Ji which can`t be forgotten by the spiritual followers of Dera Sacha Sauda. By propagating the holy teachings of the Revered Param Pita Ji, the Revered Present Spiritual Master has led Dera Sacha Sauda to the vertex by virtue of the spiritualism & humanitarian welfare works.

Today, the holy teachings of the Revered Present Spiritual Master are being followed by the millions of devotees across the globe as the main objective of their lives. The Present Present Spiritual Master has started as many as 135 human welfare works. The devotees & the volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda are extending maximum help to the needy. By virtue of the holy inspirations of the Revered Present Spiritual Master, the name of Dera Sacha Sauda is famous & well known in the whole world.

Millions of felicitations on the occasion of the Holy Incarnation Day!


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