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“An apple a day, keeps doctor away” is a very famous sentence in English, it means that eating an apple every day, can keep the doctor away.

The apple is excellent in taste and is full of many types of nutritious elements.

The apple is full of Minerals and Vitamins and at the same time, it has got a lot of quantity of fiber and is free of cholesterol.

The apple should not be peeled off before eating. When we remove the peel of apple, the vitamin C, available right under the peel gets destroyed in big quantity. Full of Iron, arsenic and phosphorous, this fruit is highly beneficial in the weaknesses of the body.

From the nature’s point of view, the sweet apple is hot and a bit of moist whereas the sour apple is cold and dry, but the sweet and sour apple is balanced and a bit dry.

The whole part of the tree of apple is cold and dry and its leaves and the fruit are poison resistant power.

Scientific Study

As per the scientific study, the red apple has more anti-oxidants as compared to its other varieties which benefits the humans in heart diseases and diabetes, mental and other memory related problems. The red apple has anti-oxidants in it which keeps the tissues of the brain healthy which saves a human being from Parkinson and Alzheimer type of mental diseases. According to the experts, ‘Eating an apple daily keeps the digestion alright which saves from many diseases.

Interesting Know-how

It is accepted that the apple originated in the wild mountains of the country of Kazakhstan in central Asia and the apple reached the rest of the world, from there. When Sikander came to central Asia then he came to know of this fruit and through him, the apple reached Europe and became famous in the rest of the world. The top five countries producing apple are-China, America, Turkey, Poland and Italy.

There are 7500 varieties of apple found in the world. It means that if you eat one variety of apple a day, it will take you 20 years to eat all the varieties of apple. If you keep fresh apple in water then it starts floating. Its reason is that apple has 25% of water. The scientific name of the apple is ‘Malus Domestica’. The tree of apple starts bearing the fruit in 4-5 years and may remain lively for 100 years.

The Advantages of eating apples

Enhances energy- The apple is a very good source of energy, since it helps in the supply of oxygen to the lungs. Therefore, you are advised to eat a few apples prior to the work-out. It enhances your capacity and also enhances the level of energy.

Enhances the resistive capacity

The apple has anti-oxidants in ample quantity which enhance the resistive power in our body. It helps in fighting different types of infections and diseases.

Beneficial for the Teeth

The juice extracted from apples kills bacteria in the mouth. It not only saves teeth from infections but also makes them strong. With the consumption of apples, the rottening in teeth does not surface.

Reduces bad cholesterol

If you are thinking of dieting to reduce your weight then include apples in your diet, since with the consumption of apple, the level of bad cholesterol reduces.

Saves from cancer

It has been proven by different types of researches that the apple has many such elements which help in preventing the tissues of cancer. Yes, this benefit of apple will be obtained when you eat it with the peel.

Beneficial for the Heart

By consuming apple every day, it normalizes the arteries. It is a big source of fiber which prevents the clotting of cholesterol and the heart also becomes healthy. The toxins of liver will be removed- We often take fried, junk food and very sweet, which leave many types of toxins in the Liver. By eating apples all the toxins get flushed out.

Helps in reducing the fat

Apple is a fiber rich fruit which, the dieticians include in the diets of very fat people. It satisfies the hunger of a person without consumption of more calories.

It runs out anemia

It also gives treatment for Anemia since iron is found in good quantity. If you eat 2-3 apples in a day, then it provides for the deficiency of iron for the whole day. Keeps Immune system in good condition- An anti-oxidant by the name of Qwercitin is found in the apples. It has been found in the recent studies that Qwercitin strengthens the immune system.

Prevents stones in the body

The apple helps in preventing the stone of kidneys since it has cider vinegar in good quantity.

Marmalade of Apple Necessary Material

Apple-8 (800 Grams), Sugar-1 Kg, Lemons-2, Cardamom Powder-one small spoonful.


To make the marmalade of apples, wash all the apples properly.

With the help of peeler, peel all of them and remove the stem and then keep them drowned in water so that the blackness does not appear on them. Fill a big utensil with water so that all the apples drown in them. To heat the water, switch the gas on. When the water starts boiling, drop the apples in water. Allow the apples to get cooked till they become soft.

Check the apples after boiling them in water for 15 minutes. If the apples have become soft then switch the flame off and take out all the apples from water. Use the water, used for boiling the apples in making the sugar syrup. To make syrup, take the sugar in a utensil and mix 3-4 cups of hot water in it. Cook it till the sugar dissolves in water. When the sugar has dissolved in water, drop all the apples in it.

Cook the apples in the syrup till such time, it becomes thick like honey. When the sugar syrup becomes thick, check it. When it cooled down a bit, check the consistency of the syrup for two threads.

Even if the two threads do not get made, but the threads are becoming longer, then sugar syrup is ready. Switch the flame off and let the apples be drowned in the syrup so that the syrup enters the apples, properly. Mix lemon juice in the sugar syrup and also mix the cardamom powder in it. Let the apples be drowned in the sugar syrup for two days and stir it once or twice every day, the tasty marmalade of apples is ready after two days.

The marmalade can be preserved in the fridge and can be used for two months and if you want to keep it for longer duration, then mix one small spoonful of acetic acid or Benzoic acid in the sugar syrup, properly.


If the apples are boiled for longer time then they will become very –very soft and may get dissolved in water itself. Therefore, boil them till they become just a bit soft.

The sugar syrup should not be made either too thin or too thick.

The sugar syrup with 1-2 threads consistency is appropriate. If after two days, the sugar syrup appears to be very thin, then give it one or two more boils and make it thick and if it appears to be thick then pour 2-3 tablespoonfuls of water in it and make it thin.

The apples should be drenched in the sugar syrup so that they may last for longer times.

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