Serve and Recite with firm belief, then it is the icing on the cake

DSC_5445Serve and Recite with firm belief, then it is the icing on the cake

Spiritual Congregation (3rd July 2016) Dera Sacha Sauda, Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa

The lovely spiritual followers of God! In this ‘kalyug’ (the Age of Vices), firm belief, the feeling of reverence is a very big devotion in itself and do service and recitation with it, then it is the icing on the cake. The weather has changed and it is coolness! There is happiness! In many areas, the rain has brought cheer then somewhere or else , it has brought catastrophe too….! Then the place where it has brought cheer, it is a prayer to God that their cheer be maintained and the place where the catastrophe has happened, then it is a prayer to God that he should have mercy and save them.

There are two aspects of rain which are clearly discernible. God knows, for how many people, the holocaust happens, how many creatures, the rain kills in one go, somewhere or else , the human beings are also included in those. Then Gods protect them, We pray to God. Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has opined in the spiritual discourse that when a person comes to attend the spiritual congregation, the dirt of his previous births gets obliterated when he listens to the discourse and practices it.

In this era of ‘Kalyug’, discourse is such a support, as if a drowning person gets a boat, instead it is even better. It is generally said that ‘a drowing man catches at a straw’. But if he gets a boat, then ….do not ask. Similarly, in this era of ‘Kalyug’, to save the creatures from drowning and to give them relief, there is a ship of God’s Words which is a base of those drowning and yearning creatures. If somebody recites the God’s Words then what to say!… So one should always recite the name of God .

Lest you get astrayed,lest you become lazy, lest you forget God, therefore the spiritual saints organize discourses. Those who listen to the discourse and practise according , there is no dearth for them of anything inside and outside. Their luck is truly very bad, that they start going towards evil despite listening to the discourses. As such, a person forgets the way in a desolate jungle and while walking he gets an idea of a way, he does not know how and where does that way lead to? If he had used his mind, then he would have got to know of it! Without thinking of anything, he set about on that path.

There were beasts on that path, there is bog, how will he save himself? It is very difficult. He gets looted by the dacoits, gets injured by the beasts and gets trapped in a bog. But, there is someone who knows everything about of the jungle.

He knows which is the short cut route. He knows, this is the route full of bogs, this path is full of beasts, there are dacoits on this way and this is the safest route. But, even then, he sets about on the route to bog,, sets about on the path where there are dacoits or goes on a path where there are beasts who will eat him, if he goes on that path, then what can you say! The spiritual followers are like that who listen to the discourses and have been initiated into God’s words, even then get themselves indulged in evil deeds. You are in the know of the things. The one who has listened to the discourse, and has got initiated into God’s words, he knows that this is a wrong path. Here, lust, anger, greed, affection, empty pride, will attack and destroy him, he knows everything.

If he follows the wrong path knowingly then there is fault neither of God, nor of the Spiritual Guide. He keeps on getting punished for his deeds. He keeps on yearning and becomes distraught. Therefore, dear spiritual followers, all of you know that there is no need to go on a wrong path. Then, why do you set about on a path of greed? For a momentary taste, why do you turn your face away from your Spiritual Master? Why do you ignore the spiritual things? Why do you not practice them? When you do not practice, when you start going against your words, then the sorrows will affect your life tomorrow if not today.

Then, be prepared for that, too. You have reared the sorrows, then you should be ready to face them. In that state, you remember God again and again. First, you do not listen to God! or the spiritual Guide and when you get trapped then you start yearning and then you start feeling about God like honey.

Why do you do like this? Is it due to your evil mind? Even a donkey becomes youthful, you are no exception. How is your youthfulness? The youthfulness that was granted by the Spiritual Master, granted to you for the welfare of society, those who spend their lives in devotion and prayer, O dear, there is no parallel in all the three worlds. His devotion is accepted as top class or those who get devotion in childhood and follows till the end, his devotion is of top class. But here, when they start following the double standards, fooling around their Spiritual Master, God, becomes their habit.

To show that they are disciples and do those works for which the saints say, no. Then nobody will be able to stop the exposure to the sorrows. Then you will yearn, cry. Then you and your sorrows will be left alone. How will one be able to save you? If you follow the Spiritual Guide, but do not follow His preaching, this is dangerous.

When you have understood that the paths are full of bogs, the beasts are ready to attack you, then why do you not follow the short-cut in the name of God? Why do you allow the lust, anger, vainglory, evil mind, illusion to attack you? Alas, ‘the force of youthfulness…’.Param pita Ji has made a psalm, those youth should pay attention, who lose the track. Those who do not follow the Spiritual Master and keep an eye on the other side, do wrong deeds. that age of 25 years is for kicking around.

If you stop somebody, even if parents do that, he turns hostile towards them. That, why was he stopped? I am a follower of my will! I do what I do.i.e. he kicks off like a donkey. If the saints, assuage and if they keep on saying what he wants, then he would be very happy! But today, the crispy but true things that we are making you listen, will make you angry, a bit. As you do the wrong, then only you will be told. We are only guards, keeping an eye on you, that do not do bad deeds and seeing too that as you sow, so will you reap. Then you will shout , why is this happening with me? These days, child, old man, and the youth, they all are in the grip of lust, anger, greed, affection, vainglory, evil mind and illusion only he is saved who has done true love with God and the Spiritual Master.

He might be a child, youth or old man, only he is saved otherwise in this era of vices (kalyug),the words of Rev. Mastana Ji Maharaj are such that ‘very few people are devoted to the Spiritual Master, all are followers of money. Then We say that today, with the grace of the Spiritual Master, there are many followers of the Spiritual Master. Many of those have been saved with His kindness and grace.

If there is ghee, dry fruits, sweets, minerals, vitamin etc. are available then why will anyone taste the filth, tell us! He doesn’t do that way? Now, there is milk, there are dry fruits, cheese, sweets etc, i.e. the things that you like, everything is decorated. Will you leave all that to eat filth? The question does not arise! You will eat that also after choosing which you feel is the most tasty. But We are seeing, that a few children are there who eat the filth leaving all the good things aside. They do not follow the correct advice.

They are stuck in their evil minds. They feel that only they got the youthfulness and no one else and that others aged just like that! O man, this is an experience of the age. If you learn it from the Spiritual Master then you will learn like an aged person in your childhood, else he gets educated with age. Therefore, leave the childish behavior, shun the bad habits, you will not get anything by following that and then connect yourselves with the words of the Spiritual Saint. Because, if you remain connected with the Spiritual Master then there will be happiness, otherwise you are likely to be affected by diseases. Our Job is to make you understand. If you feel bad, then it does not matter, if you feel good then too, it does not matter.

Because a teacher teaches after taking his salary, many do not teach and do gossiping and come back. But If a teacher teaches then he has done his job. How much did the children grasp,that is a separate thing. There are many teachers who make the children follow. They take pains. They teach them and make them follow. Then they keep on checking with their own methods whether they did not forget.

Those teachers are the best and their students take merit and make their teacher’s name glow. But, how long will they teach you ? Till you do not become of 20-25 years of age, till then! When you get the degree and diploma, then you become a teacher.

But in this era of vices, there is a teacher who keeps on teaching you. And that person is your true Spiritual Master. To Him, the student does not age, he remains younger. At every step, He makes him understand that o son, do not listen to him or anybody else but listen to your conscience. If you listen to your Spiritual Master and conscience, then you will become lucky.

If you listen to the world then you will get dumped of your luck. When the evil mind is dominant the man is lucky who abides by the words of the Spiritual Master. He also is a lucky fellow who practices his Spiritual Master’s words. no matter, what may happen, even then God showers kindness on him. Therefore, even if the weather changes or not, whether winters come or not, but dear devotees! the , lovers of God, if you have firm belief in the Spiritual Master, will serve humanity and keep on reciting God’s Words, , if you keep on doing welfare works with heart and soul then the weather will be pleasant in this and the next birth, too. If autumn comes for somebody, then it is due to his deeds! But anyone who has firm belief, in God Almighty, the autumn will never be there.

He keeps on getting pleasant weather, all the time. Instead, the people who see them are amazed that o friend, yesterday he was like this and has become like this today! Friend, he has coveered a long distance…! How? If they criticize you, are jealous then you should not be jealous. Do not criticize them. In their jealousy, and criticism, your deeds will be destroyed and you will become richer day by day.

The spiritual followers are not affected by evil eye. They always get the visions of God. Neither do they get happiness nor sorrows.

You will think that if they do not get happiness and sorrows then what is the use. The happiness should be there. Oh, not, they remain in the eternal bliss .

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