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If you are a working woman living in a nuclear family, then to leave the kid in a day care centre or a crèche is mandatory for you. In this situation you would like to search for the best crèche for your child.

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While searching for a crèche for your child, you must understand some basic things:


The first impression of the crèche matters. Is this neat and clean and well-managed? Creche should always be open, ventilated and with plenty of natural light. The power back arrangement should also be there at the time of power cut. Beds should also be neat and clean. Fridge, neat and clean toilets and locker arrangement is mandatory for a crèche. Talk to the parents of the kids who have sent their children there before. Also talk to the nearby residents and enquire about the crèche, what opinion they have about this crèche? When you visit the crèche, see to it that kids are happy, quiet and disciplined or not.

Rules and Regulations:

Once you take the information about the timings of the crèche, you enquire whether they have time flexibility with regard to your emergency or not. Also enquire from them whether they have first aid box or not. In the case of any emergency, what arrangements they have? Are they willing to take full responsibility of the kid? If you are late sometime, do they have flexibility regarding the time? Do they provide list of holidays and if parents can come to crèche to have information about the kid without prior intimation?


Creche staff should be dedicated and first aid trained. The staff should also be neat and clean. Enquire about the discipline and the rules regarding feeding the kids. Enquire about the number of kids there and the ratio of the staff. If the kid is under age of two, one staff member should be there to look after 3 kids.


The walls and doors of the crèche should be totally secured. Enquire about the steps, electric wires, plugs, safety locks, window and balcony. If you find any shortcomings, inform them. The crèche should provide identity card to the kids. Also ensure that unknown people have no entry in the crèche.


In addition to staying and sleeping over there in the crèche, it is necessary that some activities should be there in the crèche for the kids. There should be group activities as well as personal activities too. Games activities and story book sessions should be there. Enquire about food and nap time. You should enquire about the full schedule of the crèche. Enquire from the manager that according to the age, what activities they do in the crèche? -NARENDER DEVANGAN

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