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Essence of Sleep

Sleep is an essential activity for energizing and refreshing the body for the next day. It is advisable to sleep early in order to get up early in the morning. A healthy sleep of 6 – 7 hours makes a person prepare well for another day. Sleep is the only way that calms the mind and body for a period of 6 – 7 hours.

While the person is indulged in sound sleep, he or she is away from the mental stress and tensions of life. But there are certain situations and factors due to which people are staying awake almost throughout the night. Let us explore some factors that lead to sleep disturbance and prolonged waking.

Factors responsible for prolonged awakening at night:

  1. Pain: Pain is the foremost and primary factor responsible for a disturbed sleep. As per a recent study, it has been known that 15% of America population is going through chronic pains. The remaining two thirds are suffering from headache, muscular pain, back pain, joint pains, etc. This leads to prolonged awakening throughout night.
  2. Stress, tensions and mental illness: Since life has become a vicious cycle of challenges, people often get worried and tensed about the problems they are going through in life. The mind being an active organ collects and stores tensions, stress and other issues which make the person ponder over them again and again. Financial problems, disturbed personal life, reproductive problems, etc. are some of the reasons of stress and mental illness.
  3. Snoring: Snoring is considered to be a factor disturbing others. Due to the partner’s snoring problems, the other partner is often disturbed. Hence he or she is not able to sleep. Snoring is said to happen due to improper breathing, high blood pressure obesity, etc.
  4. Jet lag: People, who often travel a lot due to work conditions, too suffer from prolonged awakening. Due to a change in the international timings the mind takes time to adjust with the new schedule. Hence, this leads to continuous awakening at night.
  5. Shift work: Working in shifts is also responsible for a disturbed sleep. People especially working night shifts feel great disturbance while they sleep in day time. Also, people working till late night too undergo through prolonged awakening.
  6. Hormonal changes: Women often go through extreme hormonal disturbance during menstruation, menopause and pregnancy. During this time, she needs to go through frequent urination, hot flashes, breast feeding, etc. which keeps her engaged throughout the night.
  7. Medical Illness: Medical illness is also an important factor. People who are suffering from asthma, short breathing, heart issues, etc. go through disturbed sleep.
  8. Drugs: Medicines could also be a responsible factor for prolonged awakening at night. Pills that are prescribed or taken over the counter can hinder sleep. It is very essential for the person to take extreme care in such a situation. It is advisable to contact the doctor if he or she meets up with such a situation.

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