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Kite means immense balance, systematic control, wish to be successful and out of the way opting for molding oneself according to the circumstances. In whole India and even in the world, colourful kites fly in the sky.

In North India, the kites are seen flying in summer especially on Rakhi and Independence day. In South, kites can be seen in the sky at the time of Pongal. The most famous is the Kite Festival of Gujarat at Makarsankranti. It is celebrated with huge pomp and show. Many competitions are organized at large scale, by different organisations. Who would not like to see the colourful kites? Tied with one rope, going zig zag, here and there, kite teaches us the lesson of discipline in many ways.

Let us concentrate on its activities

Discipline can be considered as a burden by many people. The truth is that it is a self disciplined arrangement in itself, which is very necessary to run the life smoothly.

After so many years when a mother meets her son, she hugs her son tightly. Can you consider this short spell tie as tie? Would you not like to have this tie again and again? Here we can understand, how much happiness, a bond gives? This is only the discipline. If you want to clear the concept of discipline, the example of kite is before us. Kite is very high in the sky; it is the thread only which controls the kite.

Have you ever seen the kite alone without any support, flying in the sky. Have you ever thought that with this you can learn the art of living. The festival of kite not only throws light on our culture, but also gives message of an ideal personality. Let us understand the art of living through kite.

As already said

Kite means immense balance, systematic control, wish to be successful and out of the way opting for molding oneself according to the circumstances. Really in this age of severe competition the personality like kite can be useful. Kite flying independently in the sky is the symbol of the sleeping wishes of a person, but this also symbolizes the offensive and enthusiastic personality.

Kite teaches you to maintain balance. A little carelessness makes the kite to roam here and there in the sky, means no proper balance is there. Like this if there is no balance in our life, our life looses its meaning. It is utmost necessary to have a proper balance in our personality. The second quality to learn from kite is control. When you see the kite, high in the sky, you may feel that kite is flying on its own, but its control is in the hands of the person flying it through the thread.

He controls the thread, saves the kite from roaming here and there. Our personality also needs this kind of control. Many tempting hindrances come in the way, to take us away from the target. At this time our self control and discipline only check us from becoming control free.

The flying of the kite is successful, when you fix it with other kite in competition. This type of competition is not seen anywhere. This is the competition, whosoever gets his kite cut, both the persons feel happy.

The shape of the kite also give it a special importance. Diagonally cutting the wind, kite manages itself according to the direction of the wind.

To keep its flying constant in the sky, it always puts efforts, and doesn’t hesitate and waste even a second to bend according to the flow of the wind.

With the change of the flow, it change its position accordingly and immediately. Cutting the wind diagonally, the kite manages itself according to the flow of the wind. With the change in the direction of the wind, it immediately changes its direction.

Like this the man should also have the flexibility in adapting himself according to the situations. Those who do not change themselves according to the situations, become outdated very soon and the people, who are always active become evergreen.

This is the lesson we get from kite. Kite teaches us to fly, means always be in action.  – Niyanta Trivedi (Gujarat)

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