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The Miraculous Effects of Perfumes on Human being

Friendly Fragrances

In modern era, the usage of cosmetics has increased tremendously. Naturally, the fragrances have carved out an inseparable place in the world of cosmetics. Mainly the fragrances can be classified in two categories. Firstly, it is the natural fragrances. In the second category fall the artificial fragrances. Both types of fragrances are in use. Of course some types of fragrances developed in western countries have been more in use these days than the natural Indian ones.

This depends on your own liking,

what type of fragrance you choose. But keep it in mind that instead of fast smell fragrance, it is the low smell fragrance that leaves greater impact on human being. The strong smelling fragrance sounds sloven. The fragrance can be changed according to the different situations, occasions and the weather. Always using one type of fragrance shows your spoiled interest line.

Here are given some suggestions regarding fragrances,

if keeping them in mind, you will leave magical impact of attraction:

  • For daily usage, the natural fragrances are in common practice as compared to artificial ones. Of course in parties or social gatherings, the use of foreign fragrances are more common. Such fragrances and perfumes have strong smell.  You can use them according to your taste.
  • In room coolers, sprinkle a few drops of some fragrances that would have mesmerizing effects. Now special kinds of perfumes are being prepared for this for lasting aroma.
  • Sprinkle some drops of perfume on the bulb or tube-light. After heating of these, the room will be in full of aroma of that perfume.
  • Keep the empty bottles of perfumes under the clothes in almirah or the box. All the clothes will get into fragrance, from the remaining perfume in the bottles.
  • After washing and ironing the handkerchief, sprinkle a little bit of mesmerizing perfume on it, whenever you will use it the fragrance will be there.
  • Like this, put a piece of cotton dipped in perfume and paste it in front or back of the fan, enjoy the fragrant air.
  • In the morning, before going to office, sprinkle a few drops of the perfume on your collar or dupatta, you will be fresh the whole day.
  • Mix some drops of ede de Cologne in bathing water. This will not only refresh you but also your body will be smell free. Otherwise the smell of your body can make the other persons disinterested about you.
  • Yes if you want to use natural fragrance, instead of artificial perfumes, you can put the leaves of rose, champa and chameli in the water bucket half hour before the bathing. While taking bath last time after washing the body with soap, use this water. Your body will have light fragrant.
  • In guest room (drawing room), keeping the flower pots, having natural fragrance in the flower pots, spraying of perfume on different things also makes the atmosphere pleasant.
  • Spray a little on artificial flowers and fruits. With the passage of the air, the whole room will be SUGANDHIT, with the fragrance of your taste.
  • Take the doormats and the thick carpet and sprinkle some drops of the perfume, in every corner of the house. The house will have sweet aroma.
  • Put the pieces of cotton dipped in perfume and put on the four corners of the pillows, the whole bed will be full of fragrance.
  • Instead of spraying the perfume on the clothes, spray it on the inner garments. With the heat of the body, good smell will come out.
  • Spray a little perfume in the wooden almirah of books. The fragrance in the wood remains for a longer time.
  • Use the perfume on various nervous centers of the body.
    Spraying of perfume below the knees, backside of the neck, elbow, heel, back and the naval gives more attraction.


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