Mystery of Kumari kanddam

Mystery of Kumari kanddam – Place in Waters of the Indian Ocean

The life that existed ages ago, civilization, their culture, and everything that belonged to them has always been fascinating.

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) too found out several sites where remains of previous life still exist.

But here we are talking about a location that existed in the writings of the scholar but the proof of whose existence is near to rare.

And if the popular folklores and the Tamil Nadu State Board textbooks are to be believed, the Tamilians might be the oldest civilization on the Earth. The traditional Tamil scriptures mention the lost continent of ‘Kumari Kandam’. However, for the rest of the world, Kumari Kandam has been a mystery, an unsolved puzzle where the Tamil civilization might have begun.

The class VI students in Tamil Nadu have been studying about the continent of Lemuria in Social Science. Though it is not just the Tamil literature that talks about the mythical land that submerged in the Indian Ocean ages ago, the Western world theories also have shown scant shreds of evidence about this lost region.

Back in the 1800’s, few scientists found evidence of this land that might have existed ages back and named it Lemuria. They also believed that there lived the human ancestors who had four arms and long tails.

This might sound absurd to many but the fact is that this idea bloomed years back and is quite prevalent today also. Even in the year 2013, few geologists found some pieces of evidence of this lost continent, this brought back the old theories in limelight once again.

On the same lines, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the Madras High Court in the year 2020 by a litigant named V Narayanamoorthy of Dindigul. Narayanamoorthy, who is an amateur archeologist, in his plea, sought direction to conduct an underwater archeological excavation to find out the submerged continent of Kumari Kandam. The litigant also submitted in the court that Kumari Kandam is an immersed continent located at the southern part of today’s Kanyakumari that extended to Australia in the East and Madagascar in the South.

He quoted various Tamil classical literatures to prove the existence of Kumari Kandam.

In his plea he had also claimed that researchers from the Russian Academy of Science have found that nearly 5000 years ago, a crater fell in the Indian Ocean engulfing the continent of Kumari Kandam.
If the Tamil scriptures are to be believed, the legendary Pandiyan kings used to rule the portion of the land that the Indian Ocean consumed centuries ago.

However, till date, it is still named a mythical continent. Looking at both the ends, scientific and mythical, the idea of the lost land of Kumari Kandam has been full of controversies and mount up numerous logical questions. Though the Tamil preachers and natives still conclude that Kumari Kundam is for real.

For gen x it is upon them to understand this fascinating myth or reality of this lost land. For now, we can just wait for the archeologists to excavate underwater and find the traces of any such land or civilization that ever existed. Till then it is surely a mystery for us.


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