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The word Emotional Blackmailing is being used quite often these days. Finally, what do we call emotional blackmailing? Psychologists define this as getting their own wishes done putting emotional pressure on our kith and kin.

Emotional Blackmailing Starts from Our Childhood We come to know the art of emotional blackmailing since our birth.

To get his wishes got agreed, when the kid weeps very loudly at the highest pitch, he with side eyes see to the parents whether they are being affected or not. In the last when the parents agree to his stubbornness, it is included in his habit. We all are habitual of emotional blackmailing to some extent. This is in every relationship. Sometime we agree to it but sometime we oppose also. When there is belongingness in it we enjoy it also. This is due to the reason that somewhere we find that it is a medium for improving our relationship.

Blackmailing in Every Relationship

If we talk of the relationship between husband and wife, we find that the element of emotional blackmailing is very much present there. If they are perfect in the art of emotional blackmailing, they very easily get their wishes fulfilled seeing to the caring nature of the partner. The problem arises when out of habit always they adopt this funda and want to get their wishes agreed by threatening harm to himself or herself. Counselor Rini Ahuja says that blackmailing is done by our own kith and kin. In the relationships, if the position of one partner is a little bit strong, there this technique becomes possible. But when one becomes habitual of it, the problems arises and then situation becomes tense.

Save Yourself from Exploitation

In emotional blackmailing, till there is healthy exchange, no problem arises. Even the person enjoys it. The daughter says that if you do not give her money to purchase a Jeans cloth she will not do any of your work. Even she will not talk to you unless you fulfill her demand. You agree to this and say, Oh my Princess, how I can remain without you, and how I can do all the work alone? You have won! Buy a Jeans of your choice.

You have won. Are you happy now? Here, the mother and daughter both are happy. To know about the exploitation you are facing is very necessary. It is very necessary to understand your needs. Today importance is given that one has to live for self also.

This is told with reference to so many things. It is not bad and also not a offence. Next step is to fix a limit line. This is not an easy task. Here, you have to keep expanded approach and have to use your wisdom. As you have expectations from others, they also have the same expectations from you. This is called life.

This is the basis of relationships, breathing of the relationships and keeping them mobile. Look at your potentiality and value. To torture yourself today is called unethical. If you have to live and survive in this period, you ought to give importance to yourself. Do not get downgraded and let not anyone exploit you.



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