Women Play Multiple Roles, They Are Indispensible in Society & Corporates

Feminine Power

The role of the women in the society currently stands redefined. Gone are the days when they were meant only to run the house.

Today, they are getting employed and even turning successful entrepreneurs.

There was, however, a time when the primary role of the ladies was centered to see the kitchen, look after the kids and manage household affairs. Interestingly, these responsibilities are still being managed by the ladies. But the life style has changed and so is the role of the women in the society.

Now the ladies are proving themselves in each and every walk of human life.

Due to dual responsibility of managing their outside official responsibilities as employees or entrepreneurs and looking after household chores, they sometimes are not able to fully devote their time and energy to the family and the kids.

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Even then, they have the emotions and sometimes feel guilty of not being able to spend much time with the kids and other family members. As soon as they get a minute, they devote it to the kids and the family.

I have seen in Delhi in the 1970’s and 1980’s that the ladies didn’t spoil even a minute of their time. They would be seen knitting while sitting in the buses.

Sitting in the sun in winter, they would be knitting with hands or doing any other work which they used to take from the house and used to sing the religious songs, in parallel.

If want to get the meaning of kindness to others, it will be clear that, a wish to make others go ahead and helping financially for the better cause. In the corporate culture also there is a will of helping others. This is called C.S.R. This means Corporate Social Responsibility.

In today’s time, ladies are successfully leading the corporate companies.

In the companies and institutes ladies are working for the benefit of workers and the organizations they are working with. Today the number of young women in professions is increasing tremendously.  From small posts to big, the women are making their attendance known. In some institutions ladies are always ahead for the work in public interest.

These are the ladies who do not believe only in office work, but these ladies come in the class that believes in social service in addition to their work.

These ladies are giving their contribution in field work also, in addition to their office work. While working in field their skill improves. It is the reason that she is taking proper and fast initiative in the works related to social upliftment, contribution and awareness.

The HBS (Harvard Business School) in collaboration with an institution has done research and it has come in light that the companies with huge number of females staff has done more social work compared to others.

It has also come in light that the companies where the women are in senior positions, the positive works are being done with regard to the C.S.R. The C.S.R. is not only a responsibility which every corporate have to do, it is also the work of spreading awareness in the society in addition to the workers.

The Initiatives for The Awareness

Employee Participation According to the Project

While selecting the different C.S.R. projects for a specified task, only the devoted and interested employees are selected. While working for the public interest, people nurture these emotions and due to this the feeling of bearing responsibilities also exists. Though a person should not spend more than two hours for this activity, because over spent time affects the office work also. People join with this from core of their heart, because they feel that there is contribution, though little of their work leaves a positive effect on the society.

Taking Classes in Weekends

It is said that ladies have 5 times more stamina than the gents. After doing huge and heavy house work during the weekends, ladies spare some time for taking activities classes, hobby classes and also English improving and personality development classes for the poorest of the poor. They do not need extra knowledge for this. They are more educated, having modern standards.

They teach the residents of the colony or go and visit the huts and share their knowledge and let the downtrodden people especially ladies make aware the modern techniques, hygiene and health tips also. Sometimes, these ladies bring the children and teenagers to their office campus and give practical demonstration of their work.  By spending few hours make them knowledgeable and aware of the worldly activities.

Making Teams & Working With NGOs

Ladies make a team, spot a place, go and work in the midst of the needy persons. Since the management of the house is in their hands, they very well know what extra is there at home, which can be donated and given away.

This is also a fact that every girl has a motherly instinct. They do not work like machines, rather they work with emotions. With the help of NGOs, they take weekly activities.
Most of the corporate teams visit the places in three or six months and judge the progress. But they are in touch with the volunteers of the company and the rural area people constantly and are aware of the day to day work going on.

Adopting Someone

These days, the animals are neglected very much. In our houses we see the ladies from the childhood are taught to do humanitarian works. They include, among others, giving water to the birds, watering the plants especially Tulsi, giving roti to cow and the dogs. Giving food to the fish also falls in this category.

You must not be seeing gents doing these works.

All these habits help the women to do work for social cause. Generally ladies take help of the children from neighbouring huts also.

Being the manager of the home, every single item passes through their eyes. Their eyes work more than CCTV.

So they keep on collecting the things which can be donated, may be books, clothes, hair pins, soaps and other things, which can be a very good study material for the needy and also a make up box for the rural girls.

Some companies under the leadership of the female employees join hands with local NGOs or Welfare Committees.

The ladies are mostly away from ego problems and thus feel no shame to ask or beg for the social cause from the owners of the corporate.

Some corporates encourage female employees to work with Animal Loving Institutions. The animals with severe wounds due to accidents and lying in the corners need the attention. So some women corporate take initiative and get in touch with these welfare organizations and veterinary hospitals, so that the medical treatment is made available well in time. They give shelter to even the street dogs and animals in addition to the pet animals. Some ladies adopt them also. Only 30 minutes care is enough for them.

Helping the Needy Through Charity Shows

Women in senior positions in the corporate are also involve in prize distribution, annual day and other activities of the company. They arrange charity shows where dance, drama, music and fashion shows are arranged.

This can be a sober colourful evening also. This cannot be imagined without the rich attendance of the women. Some companies also give some contribution to promote these activities and the funds raised are spent for the social cause and to the needy also. The Pepsico Chief Indra Nuyee once told that “you cannot get all”.

I add that women do expect, they believe in donating and giving  happily.



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