Mother -sachi shiksha

Magic Touch of Mother`s Hand

The touch of mother’s hand is a panacea for the child. When a child falls or gets hurt, the mother caresses him and he forgets the pain of his injury. When he gets scolded by an elder at home, the child comes crying and complains to his mother and then the mother consoles him by assuring him that she is angry with everyone.

If he has a fight with a friend and he comes home sad, then his mother lovingly reconciles them. If the child gets reprimanded by the teacher in the school, he comes home and lies in his mother’s lap. He feels that the mother will save him. When the mother puts her loving hand on his head and loves him, the child forgets his so-called insult in the class.

Every child blindly trusts and thinks about his mother that his mother will free him from all troubles. He becomes happy with this thought. By sharing all his sorrows and pains with his mother, he forgets all the troubles and starts dancing with new enthusiasm.

We can also call this ‘Touch Therapy’. No matter what pain a child faces, he forgets everything just by the touch of his mother. Mother’s loving caressing his head or caressing him in her lap becomes the medicine for his every problem.

It is God’s nature that He has the greatest relationship with the mother. He remains in the mother’s womb for nine months and is strengthened only by that. This protective shield is given to Him by the mother even before birth. This is the reason why the child depends on his mother for all his work. He tries to fulfill his every small and big wish through her mother.

It is not that other members of the house do not love him or reassure him. They also take care of all his needs. To entertain his mind, they sing lullabies and stories like his mother. They also take him around and fulfill his wishes. Despite all this, he still wants his mother’s lap.

The reason for this is clear that the mother’s touch is his biggest support. If the child does not see other members of the family, he enquires about them and tries to find them, but if he has returned from playing somewhere or has returned home from school, he starts crying when he does not find his mother. Even if all the members are present in the house, he can never tolerate that his own mother disappears from his sight even for a moment.

The scholars believe that if the child has to be weaned from any bad habit or if he has to be imparted good values, the mother while making him sleep & caressing his head, should encourage him to give up bad habits or adopt good values, then that action has a positive effect on the child.

This relationship between the mother and the child is very emotional. No matter whether a child is black or white, thin or fat or handicapped, he is a piece of his mother’s heart which she keeps close to her chest. She bears all the troubles of the world alone but does not even allow the child to come into contact with the warm air.

The child also understands that anyone in the world may laugh at him or make fun of him, but the mother will never make fun of him. That’s why mother is incomparable. Under her love and protection, the child gets confidence every moment with the help of which he can do anything.


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