Involvement with Your Child’s Home Work: Essential for Every Parent


Involvement with Your Child’s Home Work: Essential for Every Parent

Need for Home Work:

Education plays a vital role in the mental and physical development of a child. Apart from home being his or her first place of upbringing, schools too play a key role in shaping the future of a child. However, the role of parents never confines even if their kids or children become school goers.

Parents are key people who are always engaged in each and every activity of their child. It is very essential for every parent to take extreme care of the academic section of their children. Apart from school studies, teachers and professors give home work to their students in order to build and strengthen them academically.

It is an key important responsibility of every parent to have a check on the home work or assignments given by their child’s teachers. The only way of tracking the study of their child is to get engaged with his or her home work.

Home work gives a deeper and great insight of the learning and academic standard of one’s own children. Getting involved in the home work of children gives a great way of interacting with their teachers during PTMs. Apart from this, it also helps teachers in knowing the real support of their students at home. This further strengthens the bond of teachers and parents for enhancing the academic development of the children.

Role of Parents in Home Work:

Parents hold a necessary position with respect to the home work given to their children. With the help of home work, parents are able to stay in connect with the learning being gained by their child in the school. It also aids in keeping a track on the academic condition of their children. Since there are different teachers appointed for every subject, it becomes easy for parents to communicate in deep regarding their child’s academic reports.

Let us understand the role of parents :-

  1. Parents constantly stay in touch with their child’s teachers after getting involved with home works. They can regularly attend PTMs meeting and discuss in detail about every subject with teachers.
  2. Parents can create a routine sheet which would help their child in doing home work with great ease. In order to make home work a fun learning activity, parents can create stipulated breaks between home work schedules.
  3. While their child is facing any doubt or difficulty, parents can easily bring that to the notice of teachers or can try to solve on their own.
  4. They can regularly check the periodic or annual reports of their child. This would aid in knowing about the performance, abilities, efforts, strengths and weak points of their child.
  5. Parents can design certain presentations or mind games which would help their child in doing home work smoothly. This would not only relieve their child’s mind from pressure but also increase the efficiency.
  6. Learning process can be begun in strategic ways as well. Parents can divide the home work or curriculum in different parts to make their children observe and then learn the understandings for long term implementation.
  7. It is good to communicate while the child is doing home work. Parents can make the session even more interesting. Post home work, parents can ask their child to repeat learning on daily basis. This would position the learning in the minds of their children.
  8. It is essential to prevent the children from being a book work. Parents can conduct live cases or live sessions which can make learnings even more interesting. By preventing the child from mugging up things during home work, parents can ensure their child to possess long term learning.

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