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The Meaning of Being Mature Instead of meaningful debate on the news channel, we have to be roasted everyday by shouts of speakers, violent attitude of drivers on the road and shameful events in public places. In such a situation, the question that arises in our minds is why people keep such immature thinking? Actually, our responsibility to achieve maturity and self-realization is our own.

Flexibility to learn from life experiences

to be ready for change and to respect the differences of ideas can make you a part of the maturing people’s tribe. Twenty, forty or seventy years, do you think at which age a person is called mature? Actually, there is nothing to do with the age of maturity.

It entirely depends upon you that when you want to be mature.

Do not blame others

It will be childish to blame others for your own problems. You cannot escape from the responsibility of pushing yourself into a difficult situation by imposing responsibility on your parents, teachers, friends or anyone else. Accepting your mistake, learning from them and not being scared of failure is a sign of getting maturity.

Be tolerant

Being mature means accepting the world in its real form and tolerating the contradictions. When you become mentally mature, your understanding of the world and yourself develops. Tolerance gives you the power to mould yourself according to the opposite circumstances.

Keep feedback

Mature people also give importance to the rising criticism, whether it is negative or positive. So instead of running away from it, make it a tool for improvement and also thank for it. Not only this, go ahead with criticism and seek advice and ask what to do to become better.

Learn to laugh at yourself

Finding the reason for laughing is one of the best ways to keep the mind cool & calm in bad situations. When you can see humor in simple things, you are more able to move forward and forward. Instead of being overwhelmed by your grief, forget everything and try again with a new thing and new day.

Focus on yourself

If others are distracted, even if you do not have a connection with what other people say, what they do and think, then it is not prudent. If you want to be fit, focus on what you have, rather than others. Do the same, which you have to do for yourself and your loved ones. Forget about hatred or comparison. Just focus on yourself.

Do not overthink

Repetition of any situation can easily make you distracted. Do not sink in the depth of email, message, text and tweets. Doing this will increase your confusion. It would be wise to use creative and intense thinking instead of trying different ways to solve problems.

Stay tuned

If the demand is not fulfilled, the children cry and shout. They think, their demands will be accepted if they show anger. While being an adult, we know that we should not give up when problems arise. Control your emotions and keep an eye on what is important. Do not come in a hurry, think far away.

Keep an eye on the target

The mature people have some hopes, dreams, ambitions, which inspire them to move forward. At the same time, immature people want to achieve things without moving forward.

Mature people also make their contribution in improving the society while investing time on their own, because they understand their responsibility.

– Khanjari Devangan

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