The Rain is Pleasant to Him Sachi Shiksha

When the drops of rains fall on the scorched earth, it seems a lifeless object has come to life again. The beauty of nature comes to the fore in a splendid form.

All the living beings are filled with a new zest. Birds chirp, insects crawl out, human beings feel relived from the blistering heat.

A new energy filled with vigour passes engulfs the human body and mind. Because after the soaring heat, the relief provided by the rains is simply amazing. One can feel that relief with immense joy. This is the reason why the rains of monsoon are awaited so eagerly. The heat waves of May and June sometimes become unbearable.

But the rain provides relief from all that. During such times if rains come even at a distance they grant relief and hope. And when finally the rain drops fall on the body you feel the ecstasy. The discussion here is of rain and the sights that it presents. This sight is attached to the natural relief provided by the rain. But the rain also has a different angle to them. It also provides a heavenly relief.

We relate rain with the mental happiness, but the physical relief is more immense. Only those who experience can feel it. But we cannot say that it is impossible to experience the other relief. Such a shower and its sight can be witnessed and experienced in the company of the spiritual saints only.

Without Them such mental peace and relief cannot even be imagined. It is so because only the Spiritual Guide showers blessings on human beings. When the showers are in progress, the Spiritual Guide appears before the person receiving it and gives him immense pleasure and satisfaction. But for this to happen even the Spiritual Guide has to wait. That rain is the path of the emotional attachment through which the soul longs for the company of the Spiritual Guide.

In such a situation, the longing and the pain emanating from the heart calls out the Spiritual Guide. At his call all powerful, Spiritual Guide comes running to the person to shower him with the blessings. There is so much of strength and power in the longing that the Spiritual Guide immediately appears by his side without wasting a moment. Saint Kabir describes the condition of a soul longing for God.

The longing or the separation or the burning desire for the company of God is felt by the Almighty who comes running to the caller to provide him immediate relief. The longing of the human being is the uppermost thought. Whether you call it longing or separation or the the path of emotional attchment the matter remains the same. To find God and have His company, the longing aspect is a must. The being which lacks the longing is like a corpse in the words of Sheikh Farid.

The longing has been given a very high position in the philosophy. In the absence of longing or separation it is difficult to to achieve the peaks of spirituality.The highest peak of this path is being one with God. When the devotee generates the longing aspect within his self, his path becomes easy. Therefore, that human being is blessed with the shower of love and affection of the Spiritual Guide who soever longs for Him.

This is the straight path to reach the final destination of spiritual love , but it is necessary to first feel the separation and the longing to be closer to the God. Therefore, the separation period is justified. When tears well in the eyes in His remembrance, the blessings also shower endlessly.

Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan describes the importance of this path. He says that parents remain worried about the safety of the son who has gone away on a far away journey, and God forbid if anything wrong happens to him, it gives so much pain to the heart. Then uncontrolled tears come out from the eyes. In the same way compared to that pain felt for the child by the parents if even 5-7 per cent pain and longing is there for God, it is quite possible that the person will achieve a divine glimpse of God. One should try and test this formula.

He should have the same longing and experience the same pain for the glimpse of the God. It is very much possible that the God will definitely give a glimpse to him in some way or the other.The topic is related to rain. Right? Therefore, the reference given to God is also connected to the rain. If any person wants the company of God then he should also produce a similar rain like situation because God also loves rain.

He cannot be satisfied by dry emptionless devotion. He needs intense devotion. It is therefore clear that till the same intense feeling of longing and separation is there, God’s blessing can’t be experienced. And if your feelings do not reach God, there is no chance you can have a glimpse of Him. But the one who chooses the way of emotional longing to reach the destination, his courtyard will be filled with the shower of God’s blessings. Getting wet in that rain gives a great feeling of inner bliss.

The lovely monsoon shower is nothing compared to the shower of God’s blessings. The monsoon shower is limited to worldy pleasure. And yet we still await the monsoon rain. The monsoon rain is just conventional , but the God’s blessings are heavenly. So why should we not long for the heavenly shower which is spiritual and Eternal? These showers are actually a bliss. They cannot be compared to anything else in this world.

It is not necessary that the rains of the monsoon will definitely give you relief. Along with the temporary relief, it may also cause some trouble by bringing some natural disaster.But the divine rain is coupled with Eternal bliss. It is divide of calamities/ difficulties and the soul which is devotee to the divine love of God,finally finds itself wet in the divine rain thereby developing the feeling of eternal spring.


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