Ways to Inspire the Teen Brain

Ways to Inspire the Teen Brain

 Teenage  is one of the most vulnerable ages to get caught up with depression,anxiety, and many more mental illnesses. However, the teen years are also a prime time for developing long-term, necessary strategic thinking skills, the foundation for advanced reasoning that should continue to be refined in complexity and maturity throughout adulthood.

For years now parents, educators have been teaching us “the more you know, the better it is”. Teens are always being trained to a robotic use of the brain leaving the teen brain uninspired.

Becoming an idol for teenagers encourages one to become like you, inspiring them to do good. “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” for me as a teenager this is one of my favourite sayings that is because of two reasons:

  1. Indirectly this quote is telling me to recognize the importance of the present.
  2. Most importantly, such a saying inspires me to move ahead without thinking of the bad things of the past.

As educators as well as parents it’s supremely essential to make children be aware of the good plus bad along with considering their personal preference and privacy in this growing age which will encourage them to share everything freely with the adults rather than going in the erroneous mindset.

The following ways can inspire them -:

  • Teach your teen to conceive many unique interpretations of movies, books, political discussions, unsettling school or peer issues or works of art.
  • Encourage your youth to be a problem finder and solution setter for issues that arise daily and discuss how academic content supports this expertise.
  • Ask your teenager to give you a message from a book or movie or hurtful experience rather than a long-winded retell without reflection.
  • Have your adolescent interpret the lyrics of their favourite song from positive and negative perspectives and do the same for your song with them.
  • Watch their favourite TV show with them and share different take-home messages for the different characters.
  • Push for a multitude of answers to a question or problem versus seeking the right answer.

In the teenage years the brain undergoes fourfold exchange in volume. Therefore motivating plus letting their imagination open up will completely inspire their mindset. As Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, Knowledge is limited, Imagination encircles the world. “


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