Can Women be Really Equal to Men

Can Women be Really Equal to Men?

Obviously yes! No doubt about it. But this happens only if women are respected and treated with equal honour in a male-dominant structure.

For centuries, the so-called cold war between both women and men on being superior is on. We haven’t concluded as yet on who is more competent.

But frankly, let’s take a moment and think again. Do we need to know about it? Don’t we know it already?

Some would opine that today’s women are equal to men. However, there can also be a few who would say that if women are equal to men, then why Government and NGOs are developing women empowerment programmes?

The answer is straight forward. Government and NGOs with some communities are endorsing women empowerment because there exists a void between these two worlds. Men may think that they are providing equal opportunity to women, but the point is, who are men to give women any opportunities if they are also considered as equal.

The comparison of Aadi with Shakti is pointless. How can we even compare an efficient multi-tasker with a person who is so restless to even walk down to the nearest grocery store? Similarly, can there be a comparison between a man who runs from pillar to post to earn a living for the family and a female whose life revolves around the household chores only?

It is just like a comparison of apples to oranges. Both have different compositions, appearances, tastes, fragrances and nutrients. In the same way, when we talk about men and women, the Creator made them for different roles and thus distinct physical stature was bestowed. So, do you think it would be appropriate to consider men superior as they are physically strong or can women be pronounced superior as they can give birth to a new life? Can this be the bar to prove the superiority of men and women?

For some weird reason, humanity has been trying to address this question over and over again. We as humans, bearing intellect, collected reactions from both the genders and a conclusion was designed announcing both as equals.

It is exactly like how in ancient times war used to be called off. Both the parties would decide to compromise before losing on their strengths. But that is never the end of it.

Likewise, the argument of women or men being superior to the other or not equal has only managed to gather more propagators over time, but no conclusion has been achieved. There are multiple tasks where both stand shoulder to shoulder and in equals.

According to one of the latest and progressive religion, the Baha’i faith:

Can Women be Really Equal to Men“The world of humanity has two wings—one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly?”

The Baha’i faith considers both women and men as equals and suggests that both play an important part here. With our limited understanding, we assume that both genders play a vital role in each other’s life. The faith defined the world as a bird and suggested women and men are its two wings.

Neither of the two can be superior to the other. They were born as equals, with different mental and physical strengths. Both have their individuality, and it is high time that we accept and start to respect that both are complementary to each other and one cannot survive without the other.

Women and men were created to coexist in this ecosystem and that is the only way humanity can survive and sustain. However, the question remains the same, can women be equal to men?

Well, women can be equal to and sometimes even achieve more than men but sadly aren’t treated as such.

The disparity between men and women is still evident in all sectors. Be it the corporate sector, entertainment, sports, politics or any other sector where both can participate together or individually.

For instance, in a recent interview, Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed that despite having an opposite and parallel role with Actor Akshay Kumar in a movie, she made less money than her male counterpart. Why is this gender-based discrimination still prevalent in our society? When would the discussion over equal respect, equal pay, equal rights between women and men become a thing of the past? The time for reflection is the present time.

Lastly, it may sound feminist but unfortunately, women are considered equal to men only on papers. It is a rare sight that a lady received the respect and honour that would make her equal. We don’t support certain policy formation exclusively for women as that may again make our ladies a separate race altogether. It is time for men to understand the strengths of women & give them time and space so that they may lead the way and gain deserving positions.


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