Music has the power to heal

 Music has the power to heal

Since our childhood, we all have come across numerous stories where the king of heaven, Indra used to enjoy music and dance in his court in the Indralok.
Even the Mughal emperor, Akbar had Tansen in his court. Tansen chanted ragas in the court and was said to be bearing powers to force rains to occur with his music.

Abhimanyu, a prominent warrior in the Mahabharata, was said to have heard about the almost impenetrable military formation- the Chakravyuha while he was still in his mother’s womb, is a classic example of Hindu ritual Garbh Sanskar which refers to education in the womb. Garbh Sanskar Music also includes chanting of mantras from theVedas. It also has classical instrumental music with sounds of the flute and veena. Garbh Sanskar believes that the sound produced from veena and the flute has such sounds as can soothe both the mind and the soul.

Not only in Indian culture, but also in Korean culture music has its roots. Mozart- a form of Korean music, is also believed to develop a bond with the unborn child and is said to have a positive effect on the baby’s development.

Even modern-day science has proved that music not only uplifts the overall mood of the sick but also helps in speedy recovery from severe conditions such as depression or anxiety. Patients with depression and anxiety are advised to listen to relaxing music before going to bed at night.
Music has the power to heal
Isn’t that enough to establish that music has a profound impact on an individual? Be it coping with routine tensions or fighting severe medical condition, music has been easing the process for ages now.

In a research conducted at the University of Sydney, it was found that singing for at least 30 minutes a day in groups helps cope better with low moods caused by chronic pain.

Dr Snehlata Deshmukh, a pediatric surgeon and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mumbai has done several studies on the subject. In one such study, Dr Deshmukh compared 2 groups of premature infants. Both the groups were provided with identical nutrition and medicinal care. While the music was played to infants in 1 group, the other group was deprived of music. The research findings stated that infants in the group that listened to music daily gained weight faster than group 2.

Looking at the magical effects of music on health, several renowned chains of hospitals and smaller facilities of medical assistance across India and abroad have also reported prioritizing the constitution of a musical therapy department like other mainstream departments in the premises.

This indicates the deep impact that  music has in assisting modern-day cure and support to the medicinal therapy over a patient.

Wonders music can do to heal:

  • Lowers stress hormone levels.
  • Helps in increasing the levels of the antibodies immunoglobulin in the immune system by boosting mechanism.
  • Studies have proved that music has the power to improve health and well-being which not only helps in dealing with the ailment but also very well compliments the process.
  • Assists in various neurological conditions by reactivating speech centres in the brain.
  • Helps to assist in improving the memory of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients.
  • Improves pain-bearing capacity in some people.
  • Targeted music therapy is a proven method to help control and fight against patients with depression.Recently people involved in music therapy have gained popularity making music therapy a golden and new career opportunity for many music lovers who wish to dedicate their life and deep knowledge of music to the service of the human race. Music not only helps in improving concentration in an individual but also acts as an agent to reduce a considerable amount of negative thoughts from occupying space in the brain.Have you ever thought why gymnasiums play music? You are there to exercise your muscles and not simply enjoy loud music. Gyms play music to help divert your attention and instantly relieve you from workout pains. It acts as a pain-reliever.

    In the new-age of MNC culture, an increasing number of multinational companies are coming up with new music policies. These companies make it a point to relieve the work stress of their employees by playing music and asking employees to dance to the tune to overcome the stress at work. Listening to natural sounds of music like flowing water sounds, bird chirping sounds or even sounds of the air helps one relax easily if heard before going to bed.

    Owing to increasing workload and relationship stress during these tough times of ongoing pandemic, an increasing number of professionals have turned towards a wide range of music daily. Jazz, contemporary, pop, rock or even mild relaxing music has become an inseparable part of the modern-day professional’s playlist.

    Don’t wait for more, create your playlist and enjoy life with magical healing powers of music.


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