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Complete Dental Care

Look After Your Teeth For a Healthy Living

The white and shining teeth are compared with white pearls. If you smile, your teeth glitter and shine. According to WHO, nearly 90% of school going children and 96% of senior citizens suffer from the tooth problems. There are 300 types of bacteria which make dental plank. If the teeth have any problem, the whole body suffers because it is said that in tooth pain, one can only look onto the God for relief.

According to the medical survey, problems related to teeth are the 2nd most general problem in the world. It can create problems to any age group. The best way to get oneself saved is to be careful and informative.

Doing experiments without doctors advice can harm the teeth and can be a cause of any big problem. According to a study published in the Indian Dental Association Journal, the tooth related problems are not contagious and generally it is not threat to life. But it affects the lifestyle.

Only Extraction of Tooth is Not Enough

If the tooth is worm affected or damaged, we think it enough to take the teeth out and do not get fixed the artificial teeth. But it is very necessary to replace the tooth. This is due to the reason that  there is always another tooth in support of a tooth. If you take one of the teeth and do not get replaced it start leaving its place. Other teeth also get shaken. It is called the problem of Supra Erection. So teeth replacement is very necessary.

Myths & Realities Regarding the Tooth

About 50% people do not get their teeth cleaned by the doctors because they think that it will fall. But the fact remains that if the teeth are not cleaned properly, the grip on the teeth start loosening. Sometimes, the wisdom tooth does not grow straight and sometimes it gets damaged but the people are scared of taking it out giving a plea that it will affect the eyesight whereas it has no connection with the eyesight.

Why Teeth are Not Straight

Sometimes due to inherited reasons, or thumb sucking habit or sucking anything else, bottle feeding and the milk teeth not breaking even after the permanent comes, the teeth take a zigzag shape.

Can’t Tell Why Bruses Are Fixed?

To correct the shape of the zigzag teeth, wires were earlier used to be fixed. But now clear aligners are fixed instead. These are transparent. So no one can say that bruses are fixed.

Due to Diabetes, the Probability of Falling Teeth Becomes Double

Diabetes has direct connection with the problem of teeth. It doubles the probability of falling of teeth. Due to excess sugar in the blood, nutrients do not reach to the gums and thus the teeth start shaking and fall down early.

Some Medicines Are Responsible for the Cavity

According to the American Dental Association, some medicines are also responsible for creating cavity in the teeth. We take medicines for allergy, asthma, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, anxiety and Alzheimer. There are about 500 medicines the side effect of which cause cavity. Before taking these medicines, take advice of the dentist. In addition to this we must care for the following also.

  • Oral Moisturizer must be used for mouthwash or spray.
  • In case of changing the medicine or its doze, you must consult the physician.
  • To get rid of the problem of cavity, you can use fluoride gel or varnish, with consultation of the dentist.

Endocarditis – Connection of teeth with heart.

Bacteria in huge quantity found on skin, mouth and intestine mucus.

Other Reasons for Dental Problems & Pieria

Generally, a very few people brush the teeth at night, but as a principle, cleaning of teeth in the night is more important than the morning. Because in the day we eat one or the other thing, so the bacteria cannot create cavity. But if at night, after meals we do not clean the teeth, the bacteria harm the teeth and thus cavity, Pieria and smell from the mouth like problems arise. Though you can brush lightly in the mouth in morning but at night you should brush properly.

Cold Drinks

Generally the youngsters open the bottle with mouth as an act of  show-off. Ladies and the elders have the habit of taking supari. Due to these, enamel of the teeth are spoiled and there are cracks in the gums.

Neglecting the Pain

The people often ignore tooth-pain. They try small home-made remedies to get relief from it. Due to this the hole on the teeth deepens and when they go to the doctor, it is too late. It is advisable even on the smallest problem at least you should consult the doctor. When you neglect the pain and the problem, it becomes severe and as a result, huge amount is incurred on the treatment.

Less Water Intake

Taking plenty of water is important for the body. But it also has direct link with the dental health. Water controls the saliva acid in the mouth and also helps to swallow the food easily. If we take less water, the food remains in the mouth. If the food remains for much time, the problem of cavity arises. You cannot take spicy food.

More Acidity

If you have acidity problem, it creates enamel problem in turn for the teeth. We should be aware that acidity is the father of so many diseases.

Take Care of the Newborn Babies

Generally mothers do not clean the mouth of the new born baby after feeding. The mouth of the baby starts to stink. It is necessary that after every feed, the tongue and gums of the baby should be cleaned with wet water dipped cotton or clean cloth.

The strong teeth glitters your personality

After the age of 40, in addition to proper health checkup, dental checkup also should be done. All the nutrients and food which nourishes our body goes through your mouth and the teeth is the main source to take the food. You should take care of the teeth so that it can march with you to a long distance of life.


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