CLEANLINESS- sachi shiksha

To keep the house clean is a big challenge. It is not so easy to keep the house clean and well-managed. If both man and wife are working, then it is comparatively more difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the house. This, however, is not impossible. If both of them collectively keep their things arranged, then the problem is solved to some extent. Let us know some tips so that one should not depend totally on house-cleaning on a weekly basis.

Arrange the bed while leaving it

After coming out of the bed and getting fresh, first thing is that you should do is to arrange the bed. The room will look clean. If all the members take their duty, the house will look clean and better in the evening when you come home.  Sleeping on the clean bed at night gives a soothing effect and more to that you get a good sleep.

Less articles, easy cleanliness

Some people have the habit of keeping the unwanted things. This increases the quantity of the articles and cleaning becomes difficult. Give the unwanted things to the needy or sell it out or throw away. You yourself will feel that how much easy it has become to clean the house.

Do not postpone the work, finish it then and there

Whenever you find that the sink is dirty clean it then and there. Clean the dust deposited on the shelves. On finding that the clothes are lying scattered, do not think that you will do it afterwards. Do it instantaneously. On finishing them, arrange the house. A little daily labour will make you less tired and you would not have to wait for the weekend. If an important work comes on the weekend, your house will become shabby, and to finish that work will be more difficult and tiresome. Finishing the work daily is a good habit.

Clean the kitchen after every cooking

After preparing the meals, put all the containers back on their place. If you have to wash the Chakla, Belan and Tawa, do it then and there, or rub it and keep on the proper place. Make the pan, cooker and tea utensil empty and keep them in the sink. Rub the gas stove and the clean it with dry duster so that at the time of next preparation you do not feel irritated.

If you are making tea or coffee or preparing the milk for the kids, do it and keep the utensils in the sink for cleaning. Put the used tea leaves in the dustbin. If you clean the utensils yourself, do it simultaneously so that the huge quantity of utensils in the sink does not irritate you. Keep the knife, lighter and match box at the appropriate place. It will make your work easy and the time will also be saved.

Listen to the Music while Working

If you are a housewife, after everyone leaves the house, put on the music of your choice while working. This will increase your capacity to work and stress will be lessened. Dusting and cleaning will be completed in no time, with the music.

Keep Hand Vacuum Cleaner at Home

In the room of the kids, things will be in a state of topsy-turvy as they throw their dresses here and there. Some items might be lying in the sofa, bed or carpet. While watching television, the children hardly are aware where they are dumping their things. In that situation, taking a big vacuum cleaner and cleaning is little bit difficult. It is easy to clean with hand vacuum cleaner. If the kids are grown up you can take their help in cleaning of the house. They will do it happily and your work will become easy.

Wash the Cloths Daily

Generally the working women wash the clothes on the weekend. This, however, becomes tiresome and time consuming for them. They should rather rinse cloths and wash them daily as a part of their daily routine. While taking bath, they can wash small clothes in a bucket. After the daily clothes are washed, keep the rest of the clothes in the washing machine. It will save your time and labour and you can take rest on the weekends. Try and help the husband and kids cultivating the habit of arranging their own things themselves so that the whole burden does not come on your shoulders. The things should be arranged and managed collectively. You would not have to wait for the weekend. You can go for a trip with your kids on the weekend. You can also go for shopping and take rest.



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