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Eye Care With Face Mask In COVID-19

In the era of pandemic Covid-19, face masks have become a necessary accessory to avoid spread of the virus but unfortunately masks have many side-effects such as breathlessness, dental problem, and irritation in eyes. Many individuals are suffering problem of irritating sensation in eyes due to long duration of wearing masks. They are visiting ophthalmologists because of dryness in their eyes.

Dryness in eyes occur because of not wearing the mask properly. When fitting of the mask is inappropriate, the exhaled air reaches at mask’s top and cause dryness in the eyes. This could even enhance oxidative stress and can cause inflammation in eyes. Other issues which arise due to wearing masks includes damage of cornea, bacterial infections in the eyelid and eye-allergy because of presence of detergents on face masks.

wearing mask properly is important for our eyes too - Sachi ShikshaHere are explained a few measures to avoid the irritating sensation in the eyes. The first one involves appropriate wearing of the mask. Eyes can easily get irritated from hot air which is exhaled from the nose. Masks only function appropriately when worn properly. If only mouth is covered, then risk of corona virus will not decline but it will also cause trouble in eyes. Hence, one must make sure that the mouth and nose are covered in an appropriate manner.

Next, one should always go for mask which is made up of breathable material and perfect fit. Mask should not be very big otherwise it would touch eyes and cornea would be scratched. Masks with stiff stuff should be washed to make it soft. Also, during adjusting the mask one must not touch the eyes because air exhaled from nose can cause discomfort and our hands carry bacteria which could be transferred in the eyes that would lead to dryness.

Also, one must make use of a warm compress to soothe the irritation in the eyes. A flannel with lukewarm water should be placed on eyelids for sometime. The warmness of water would stimulate the glands of tears that would help eyelids to produce more oil for lubrication of eyes.

Usage of lubricating drops can be done to replace natural liquid of the eyes. Anti-fogging sprays are available that can be applied twice a day for people with specs. Usage of artificial tears can be done to moisturize the eyes for they would perform same function as natural tears and eyes would be relieved from the blurry vision and the redness.

Another solution for the problem is vision correction operation or surgery or usage of contact lenses can also be made. In cases of emergencies, experts should be approached and proper treatment must be looked forward to avoid further problematic situations. These methods can prevent eye problems that are experienced by people due to masks. Since it is affirmed that precaution is better than cure, preventative measures must be taken care of to avoid the situation of visiting eye care doctors.


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